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SGNLR --- 18:31:29 21.10.2016
Kiwanis – Deana Kolenčíková


Kiwanis doll

Kiwanis dolls is a charity project in which each artist works with a blank doll he receives. The final works are sold at an auction and the money goes to children in need. I used labels from clothes made in the third world countries where often children are forced to work.
SGNLR --- 18:30:04 21.10.2016
Folk cuisine – Deana Kolenčíková



Folk Cuisine
Fiducia Gallery, Ostrava, CZ
Zwitschermaschine Gallery, DE

Project based on the typical dishes you can find around the world named after some other countries to make them sound or look more exotic and exclusive. ‘Parisian rolls, Russian Egg, Bulgarian Salad, Algerian Coffee, French Potatoes, Florida Cake, Budapest Spread’ this is all I found during my walks throughout the city of Ostrava in Czech Republic. The final output of this project was a performance – a tasting session with prizes and an installation. This project continued in Berlin where I asked a group of Czech people to taste the German dishes with foreign names.
SGNLR --- 18:26:14 21.10.2016
Bratislava for sale – Deana Kolenčíková


Bratislava for sale
local flea market, Bratislava, SK

I collected various objects in the city such as pieces of the pavement, branches from trees, sand from the playground etc. and I came to the biggest local fleamarket to sell these parts of the city to the visitors. I interacted with the viewers and I tried to open up a discussion about the value of their own city. Many people reacted with a negative response towards the economical and political situation of Bratislava.
SGNLR --- 18:22:12 21.10.2016
The counter – Deana Kolenčíková



The counter
in co-operation with Hynek Chmelař
Galerie In Vitro, Ústi nad Labem, CZ

A simulation of the bureaucratic process we have to go through at every administrative department, post office, bank,…The visitors can come and fill out their own form and insert it inside an anonymous counter. Firstly they need to figure out which form is the correct one, secondly they need to go to the other window to use the very well secured pen attached on the desk and thirdly they need to confront with the impersonal staff behind some kind of barrier.
GGG --- 17:05:47 19.10.2016
Adam Curtis: HyperNormalizace | 18. 10. 2016 | Britské listy
LAMIA --- 13:12:56 18.10.2016
Dnes od 19:00 v Petrohradské - http://fresh-eye.cz/program/
RANO --- 16:13:18 17.10.2016
SGNLR: tenhle konkrétní byl tuším na tom meruňkovém domě kde je teď uloženka na vyšehradě, ze strany k pátému květnu. druhý byl na budově orca na vltavské, ze strany od řeky.
??? --- 15:58:00 17.10.2016
SGNLR: nevim kde. nevolim a je mi to fuk :-)

ale ten obrazek je z reuters, tak bych se ptal tam...