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HYNEK --- 15:24:46 21.1.2021
SGNLR --- 13:07:03 21.1.2021
HYNEK: cekam, kdy se nekdo z "nesoutezicich" vyjadri k tomu, kdo tu cenu plati..


aka "fajn ze se nemusime starat o socky, ale miliardari si pres nas zasivaj penize v danovejch rajich a to sype. Proto jim kazdej rok radime, kdo je nejlip prodavanej umelec, aby skrz ten jeho kumst slo par drobnejch vyprat a pohonit si, ze oligarchove a jim podobny kulturni bytosti"
HYNEK --- 12:18:42 21.1.2021
To zas vypada na nevyhru

Chalupeckého cena má finalisty, opět odmítli soutěžit o vítězství | ČeskéNoviny.cz
SGNLR --- 12:00:32 21.1.2021
Wooden shoes, 2019

Wooden shoes; 2019

Wooden shoes are the symbol of inconsistent, when I am part of climate change. I am trying to avoid of activites,
that eliminate life on Earth. Sometimes it is impossible to escape and choose life without destroying.
Iron nails under shoes collected waste and at the same time the shoes deformed ground, flowers and plants, while I was walking.
SGNLR --- 11:51:36 21.1.2021
MASOO: diky!
SGNLR --- 11:51:12 21.1.2021
360 video tour nasi skupinovy vystavy ve Walesu

Untitled 3

na strankach maji ruzny artist talky a film Changemakers o kulture protestu



‘Ways of Protest’, an extensive exhibition looking at how the arts can be used as a vehicle for protest, and how activism and a desire for social change can drive individual and collective creativity.

Contemporary artworks by Welsh and International artists will be accompanied by archival artefacts from the vast Swansea Museum collection as well as memorabilia, photographs, interviews, and artworks provided by members of the public and protest groups from Swansea and Wales.

This exhibition is part of the ChangeMakers Festival Programme exploring activism and social change through, exhibitions, workshops, heritage, words, visual and digital art. The festival is a celebration of people, movements and organisations who have fought for social equality in Swansea and the wider world.
SGNLR --- 11:25:51 21.1.2021
OVERDRIVE: mluvíš o muzikálech nebo Lucii Bílý?
SGNLR --- 11:25:01 21.1.2021
Paul Jones develops artworks that focus on how flags operate in the tactics of protest. Flags can be viewed as agents of emotional manipulation or political motivation.
' In my practice flags act as visual devices. As a medium they can highlight their role as a territorial marker, a symbol of power, and their own subversive plasticity. Used within the context of landscape, the flag communicates a potential to be read within a framework of identity politics, territory, and authoritative control. As part of material culture, the flags that I appropriate or design often operate as antagonistic devices.

Artist Talk: Paul Jones
MASOO --- 10:42:17 21.1.2021
SGNLR: je to fakt skvělý! Obrazově i obsahově.
??? --- 13:36:25 20.1.2021
OVERDRIVE: klíčenku?