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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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YARIN --- 1:15:29 29.6.2011
tohle doporucuju vsema deseti!!!

dark ambient / dub techno jednoclenny projekt zlinskeho Martina Dlabaji aka Optical Frameworks se svetovymi parametry. pro me osobne objev lonskeho roku (pokud vas to tak nadchne, jako me, sezente si i jeho byvaly projekt monochrome division a desku Octagon.

Optical Frameworks - Surrounded Fog. Cold Tear Records. Independent electronic music label | Cold Tear Records http://coldtear.com/optical-frameworks-surrounded-fog/
UNCLEAN --- 18:20:40 27.6.2011
Voder Deth Squad - live @ WGXC radio, Hudson

Spaced out synths

M. Geddes Gengras. Jeremy Kelly. When one catches either of those names on a release, it’s a guaranteed feast for the ears. However, with the collaborative efforts of these two Stunned-alumni as Voder Deth Squad something like a royal banquet is set before the listener. Twin flames of synthesizer shoot through the solar system and back on this VDS debut, every savory minute securely in the hands of these premier moog & modular synth adepts. At times thrillingly full-throttle, and at other times incredibly nuanced and sensitive, this is one that simply has to be heard to be believed. Limited edition of 111 pro-dubbed & imprinted c53 tapes w/ double-sided jcard and insert.


WGXC Community Radio in Greene & Columbia Counties, NY: 90.7-FM
WAKO --- 23:46:18 23.6.2011
glitch, idm, breakcore dejme tomu....prostě zvuky ruchy

UNCLEAN --- 8:06:55 21.6.2011
Brendan Murray, Jim Haynes, and The Pollen Sisters


scrapyard forecast: Recap : Jim Haynes, Brendan Murray, The Pollen Sisters @ Blim, June 9, 2011
Live at Blim, June 9, 2011.zip
UNCLEAN --- 12:26:16 20.6.2011
Ayqix - Tarpuymit’a EP

Dub tech, Deep ass


Track List:
01 – Ayqix – Saqisqa
02 – Ayqix – Qayllakuy
03 – Ayqix – Ch’atakuy
04 – Ayqix – Puticuna
05 – Ayqix – Manchariy
06 – Ayqix – Chimpana
07 – Ayqix – Pakgarin
08 – Ayqix – Tarpuymit’a
09 – Ayqix – Willay
10 – Ayqix – Rejsisga

Releases |
UNCLEAN --- 16:56:16 15.6.2011
Eliane Radigue - "Transamorem Transmortem"


On June 28, Important will release Eliane Radigue's "Transamorem - Transmortem." The composition, originally a sound installation, was premiered with several others in the 1970s in New York, where Radigue played them for the public via magnetic tape. After a few presentations, Radigue packed the tapes away until proposals were made to have them released. The release of "Transamorem - Transmortem," then, is the result of more than 30 years of waiting for this particular composition, whose minimal shifts are equally rewarding for those willing to wait for it. Check out the excerpt above.

• Important: http://www.importantrecords.com

Eliane Radigue - "Transamorem Transmortem" | LISTEN | Chocolate Grinder | Tiny Mix Tapes
UNCLEAN --- 10:18:33 15.6.2011
MATHEZZZ: kombinovat techno s experimentalni hudbou, proc ne, ale aby to melo hlavu a patu... Skoda, selekce je vyborna.
MATHEZZZ --- 18:31:38 14.6.2011
MATHEZZZ: Pro Filipa jak stvořené! ;-)
MATHEZZZ --- 18:26:12 14.6.2011
.ılılı. AudioBeats.net .ılılı. - Liveset: Svreca - Clubbing Spain Podcast CS #039 - 19-11-2010