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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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UNCLEAN --- 15:12:57 23.6.2010
Harry Towell - Marooned (Vol.1)


Marooned is a new annual mix CD project from Harry Towell, who is also known for running the Audio Gourmet label www.audiogourmet.co.uk and for his sound design work as Spheruleus.

For Volume One, the Marooned series kicks off with a whopping sixty tracks all mixed seamlessly and harmonically into an immersive ambient collage. It features sections of deep drones, glimpses of modern classical and is altogether a sleepy selection of ever expanding ambient moments. For those who are very much interested in ambient music, this will be a great mix of both familiar and unfamiliar works. For those who are relatively new to ambient music, this should be the perfect introduction to this wonderful style of music. Please support and read up about the artists and labels who have formed part of this mix.

You can download a 320kbps version for free here

Photography by James Gelsthorpe

UNCLEAN --- 9:35:09 23.6.2010
TOOMUCH --- 12:26:40 19.6.2010
TOOMUCH --- 12:22:59 19.6.2010

Released: 2010
Genre: Electronic, Experimental
Style: Noise, Techno, Avantgarde
Note: live at Cafe Katarynka, Toruń, Poland

UNCLEAN --- 16:58:26 26.5.2010
V/A - Sonar 2010 promo


# Roska - 124 Miles (Exclusive Track)
# Fuck Buttons - Olympians

CYBERARCHER --- 11:19:38 23.5.2010
par mesicu stara zalezitost, ktera by nemela byt opominuta...

Doyeq - Eyelashes Of Lanterns [ep]

date: 2010/01
label: Passage (PASS 003)
styl: Modern Classical, Minimal


01/ Ballet In A Box (6:24)
02/ Eyelashes Of Lanterns (5:12)
03/ The Letter Back (6:25)
04/ Train Travel (5:52)

http://www.passagemusic.net/index.php?id=22 , http://www.archive.org/details/pass003_a
WAKO --- 18:52:11 12.5.2010
WENOUSH: já tu teda od tebe vidim post snad prvně? a dobrý je to
WENOUSH --- 11:55:40 11.5.2010
Industriální a dubové techno v perverzně basovém a nosovém hávu:
http://soundcloud.com/snowlion/snowlion-ia-ia-dance (downloadable)
Jestli už tu moc prudim se svýma věcma, klidně smažte...
UNCLEAN --- 17:01:47 6.5.2010
The live recording of Jóhann Jóhannsson’s 2009 Rotterdam radio broadcast, performed with a live orchestra



1. Jói & Karen
2. Melodia (i)
3. Fordlandia (Aerial View)
4. Eglabörn
5. IBM 1401, a User´s Manual, Part I
6. Salfraedingur
7. The Sun´s Gone Dim and the Sky´s Turned Black
8. Odi et Amo
9. Melodia (iv)