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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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LEVOS_BOB --- 17:29:51 31.12.2009
Happy New Year 2010!!! Here is a present for you coming from Surreal Madrid. First part of our new sound bank

series called Crude Loops. This one was created and compiled by Gaex.

"Unused loops, cut-up melodies, sounds from TV, random hits sequenced for fun, soundwaves which reminds you of

something familiar, foundsounds, silly noises and some beatbox." Enjoy! You're more than welcome to send us your

creations using this bank via Soundcloud or FTP link or anyhow.


LEVOS_BOB --- 13:32:34 31.12.2009
UNCLEAN: to je tak kdyz clovek ma vic projektu nez nohou, ale uz se usazuju...na experimentalnim subbassovym kresle!!!
UNCLEAN --- 13:20:51 31.12.2009
LEVOS_BOB: hm, ja si Tvoje veci pamatuju akorat jako tekkovy mp3 z <tedsinevzpomenujakestranky> a pak az na kompilaci Muteme ;))
LEVOS_BOB --- 13:16:04 31.12.2009
UNCLEAN: dubstep me bavil este nez ho vymysleli a zmrvili...
UNCLEAN --- 12:46:50 31.12.2009
UNCLEAN --- 12:40:45 31.12.2009
Various Artists - Flowers Dragon's Eye Fourth Anniversary


1. Shinkei - Wu (for Luigi)
2. i8u - Gallowalking
3. Pierre Gerard - Lines/Lignes
4. Tomas Phillips - Tablature I
5. Yann Novak - Shortwaves to Longwaves
6. Celer - A Lifetime of Wasted Breaths
7. Wyndel Hunt - Rotation

Over the past 4 years, Dragon's Eye Recordings has come to be a trusted resource where listeners can be exposed to emerging and mid-carrier artists in the field of contemporary electronic music and sound art. Named one of Textura's 'Top Ten Favorite Labels of 2009,' Dragon's Eye is kicking off 2010 with a free downloadable compilation.

Flowers are the traditional gift for a fourth anniversary and Flowers is Dragon's Eye Recordings fourth anniversary compilation. On Flowers, Dragon's Eye presents new and unreleased works by the upcoming 2010 roster of artists. The 2010 roster represents both newcomers and veterans of the label that are at the forefront of contemporary electronic music and sound art.

UNCLEAN --- 12:29:40 31.12.2009
LEVOS_BOB: se nejak vezes na te dubstepove vlne koukam :)
LEVOS_BOB --- 1:25:36 30.12.2009
So long! Farewell! Auf Viedersehen! Goodbye! You all have a good night. Shoot The Maus! Soundtrack of my life.
Yours Mickey Mouse (tm)


LEOZ --- 0:01:55 22.12.2009
UNCLEAN: děkuju ježíšku =)
UNCLEAN --- 18:42:07 21.12.2009
Benoit Pioulard Live from Decibel Festival


We leave you for Christmas (if you're into that sort of thing) with a live recording of Kranky's Benoît Pioulard. Years back, when Percussion Lab was young and I was stuck on IDM, Benoît started sending me rough demos which would form the basis for his initial 7" release on Moodgadget Records. I was floored. During a time when my ears were filled with the sounds of underground bass & beats, Benoît's organic synthesis of Tim Hecker inspired atmospherics, acoustic ballads and gorgeous, layered vocals was a welcome change of pace. Always humble, he never could imagine how well received this most personal of creations would be. Personally, Benoît's music hits home. So close, in fact, that eventually, we found the time to collaborate on our own project, Praveen & Benoît, on Pandatone's Music Related.

This set, recorded at 2009's installment of Decibal Festival is the perfect companion to an introspective, snowy winter eve. Harmonium drones, distant vocals, guitar loops and dictaphone recordings, all carefully assembled live, combine to form an evocative, dense hum. Most of Benoît's fans don't realize the emphasis on ambience and shoegaze that his live performances have. They're some of the most ethereal and entrancing performances I've ever witnessed and its truly my pleasure to feature this mix.