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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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TOOMUCH --- 14:17:31 28.9.2007
UNCLEAN: okej.. to stačí :P
UNCLEAN --- 13:47:10 28.9.2007
TOOMUCH: muzes, ale to je asi vse co s tim muzes delat :)
TOOMUCH --- 11:50:47 28.9.2007
můžu napsat, že Jerremyho produkce mi příjde víc jak ostudná?
ELECTRICFRET --- 0:20:46 28.9.2007
Unbending Intent - Metamorphopsychosis [chrnbl006]
[http://download.chernobylmusick.net/intent.jpg] DOWNLOAD
DESTROYER --- 20:30:09 26.9.2007

Jerremy Storm - A tree of one life


Velice prijmena zalezitost od kolegy z jizni moravy, neco na pomezi minimalu/ambientu/experimentu. Prijemny poslech...

FROHIKEY --- 11:10:54 26.9.2007

[FILTRO.010] Transistor - Pad 81 (live)


Pad 81 is the live set presented by Edgar Medina on the last Mutek MX celebrated in Mexico City. This Mexican musician coming out from the city of Leon,
Gunajuato, has distinguished himself because of his dancefloor works, full of imagination and feeling. His activities began on 2002, heavily influenced by the
sounds coming from the microhouse scene. Even if Transistor is dance music, he focuses on introspective atmospheres that he fits with the beats.
The personal nature of his music is shown here as well as on his other project named “Alejandro Morse” in wich he work in the realms of synthetic ambient,
creating lovely complex soundscapes.

Pad 81; minimal techno fused with winter soundscapes, this release continues the intimate-music tradition that has distinguished Edgar since his starting.

FROHIKEY --- 10:28:30 26.9.2007

[CNV06] PABLO RECHE - Constelación


Reche is currently one of the best argentinian avant-garde sound artists. He has played live in many countries and events (Sónar festival 2000, etc) and his music has been released on labels all around the world. His work has been defined as a good example of noise, isolationism and post-industrial sound. Close to white noise, Reche builds structurated ambiences whole of distorted sounds, filtered textures and manipulated sounds taken from field recordings, cd's and vinyls. Pablo Reche works and lives in the city of Buenos Aires.

"Constelación" was originally released on Ecodiscos, 2001 (cdr - 50 copies). Totally unavailable, this reissue by Conv net.lab is a different version of the original release, including an unreleased track from the period and a completely new art work.


trosku noisovyho minimalismu na ranko
UNCLEAN --- 21:09:53 25.9.2007
_clean @ Perpetum (18.09.07)

Je to trochu silnejsi kafe, prvni pul hodka zhruba, pure Raster-Noton a pak nejaky "minimal",acid, techno, house, mashup :)

tracklisting: Signal, Frank Bretschneider, Cyclo, Claro Intelecto, Maetrik, Echopilot, Anders Ilar, Monolake, Senking and many more ;)

ABU --- 17:40:51 24.9.2007
UNCLEAN: a hraje skreama:D
UNCLEAN --- 15:24:47 24.9.2007
LEVOS_BOB: super ! :)