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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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SCHWA --- 21:09:14 30.6.2007
Monolake Luxus! a vubec celej ten jejich web je zajimavej :)
WAKO --- 13:51:32 30.6.2007

[DigitalDiamonds004] Alic - Evil Fairy EP



minimal techno, trance

Long awaited - here are Alic with their first release on their own netlabel. "Evil Fairy" is an extremely deep rolling track which builds up a massive power, same as "Icedive". Just see yourself...
As extra benefit you get "Evil Fairy" remixed by Kalumet and "The Gentle Way Of Minddestruction" (already released 2006 on "Horns And Hoofs Entertainment") remixed by Theme Fe!
UNCLEAN --- 14:51:18 28.6.2007
ABU --- 12:26:37 28.6.2007
UNCLEAN: part two - I poo hedgehogs:-) !!!
UNCLEAN --- 21:57:13 27.6.2007

Monolake - Live at Dr.Kern free track of june 2007


...we are not sure anymore about the exact date of this concert. It must have been winter 1998/1999. Dr. Kern was a small club / bar in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, and all I remember is that Gerhard and me played while sitting in one corner with half of our studio in front of us and that it was snowing when we left the venue.

At this time our live sets were long improvisations using lots of hardware. We carried around a huge and heavy rack with equipment. I was more responsible for sound manipulations and mixing while Gerhard operated our self-written step sequencer, the PX18, based on a MAX patch. (A lot of inspiration for Abletons Live sequencer came from this patch...) monolakeLiveDrKern_2.mp3

We lost the original recording of that concert. The two parts available here were extracted because we thought of releasing the concert on a 12" but finally decided it was not good enough. I think it was the right decission, but I am happy to hear it again now, seven years later. The structure of the set is questionable, but I still like the sonic atmosphere, especially the airy strings.

There are obvious connections between the grooves and sounds heard on this live set and the tracks Abundance and Perpetuum released in early 1999 on the Interstate album. Interstate has been out of print for a while and this month comes back in a remastered version with new cover.

UNCLEAN --- 11:50:46 23.6.2007
MINIBUBBLE --- 11:41:01 23.6.2007
Což takhle trocha minimalu? 11.7. 2007 U Bukanýra v Praze. Live: Insect Elektrika Djs: Monotype, Awacs Vstup zdarma, jak se na správnou BUBBLES MINIMAL NIGHT sluší.
UNCLEAN --- 18:39:03 21.6.2007
TV: zabit !!! :D jj jakmile na to narazim, urco to tady hodim to se neboj :) a verim ze to bylo uzasny...
ABU --- 9:45:40 20.6.2007
TELVIS --- 9:38:03 20.6.2007
Kdyby se nekde objevil zaznam ze sonaru - Tristano+Murcof, tak se prosim podelte.
Zazil sem to na vlastni usi a bylo to uzasny, rad bych si to nekdy pripomel..