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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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FROHIKEY --- 15:44:14 29.3.2007
dik, ze poznamku... ja si toho vsiml, ale zapomnel jsem poznamenat. TSC to bohuzel dost flakaj no... :/
CYBERARCHER --- 15:40:33 29.3.2007
(a koukam ze track #14 taky - http://www.archive.org/download/tsc003/tsc003_Die_albanische_Musik-14-Popoff.mp3 ... vzhledem k velikosti jsem si ho spletl s coverem :D )
CYBERARCHER --- 15:31:16 29.3.2007
FROHIKEY (Die albanische Music): upozorneni pro pripadne sberatele a kompletatory - v tom archivu chybi track #12, mozna proto, ze neni jako jediny dostupny ve VBR. Tady mate kdyztak primy link - http://www.archive.org/download/tsc003/tsc003_Die_albanische_Musik-12-Popoff.mp3 . Jinak imho druha pulka releasu (od tracku #6) je skutecne vyborna... prvni me bohuzel ani na nekolikaty poslech tak neoslovila, ale holt stane se :)
UNCLEAN --- 1:02:35 28.3.2007

[esc.rec.04] Hidde van Schie - The Quiet Ride Home: Lungs Full Of Mist

Hledal jsem sice neco od Goem ale nakonec jsem nasel takovy zajimavy release, elektroakutika, post-rock, prijemny...


1 The Quiet Ride Home (2:56)
2 The Unlikely Event (8:36)
3 Misty Misty Misty (7:44)
4 Welcome To The Border (4:16)
5 First Time (10:05)
6 (Pacific) I Piss The Blue Water Green (4:42)

GREGOR_PRIDE --- 8:12:27 27.3.2007


Author: Victor Martinez & Kike Pravda (Spain)


UNCLEAN --- 1:42:18 27.3.2007
FROHIKEY: jj nezni to spatne...
FROHIKEY --- 11:05:00 23.3.2007

[poly03] alex medina - la playa de las campanas ep


Alex Medina has impressed us all with the output on meerestief imprint since it kicked off some few months ago. now he is on polytone with his new release.
yo me lo como is a throbbing minimal growler with its hypnotizing textures and minimal groove. musica de braille keeps up the intensity with its bass heavy groove, mad vocal snippets and shakin drums. molokaii ends the ep with beautiful surrounding chords and pads. great music!


takovy ty minimalky, jak to lidi sekaj jak bata cvicky moc nemusim... ale todle je moc moc dobry
FROHIKEY --- 10:56:37 23.3.2007
hm sy-77/tg-77 takovy maly prditka. slusna prace...
UNCLEAN --- 8:43:57 23.3.2007

tangent II edit...free track of the month - 3 / 2007

A dalsi track of the month...


Tangent II produced by Robert Henke and Gerhard Behles, using a self written step sequenzer, the "PX-18". Most sounds, especially all drums and percussions generated with a Yamaha SY-77 and and TG-77 FM synthesizer.

UNCLEAN --- 8:32:30 23.3.2007

Live performance in the age of super computing

Bob Henke se nasral a tak si pise svou vlastni knizku o historii elektronicke hudy, velmi zajimave cteni...


I started writing a long text once because I was so pissed by a book I read about electronic music. Every paragraph an orgy of name dropping. A pseudo intellectual language and not a single piece of real information, just an incredible self centered Ocean of Crap. ("When I met /insert very important person/ at /insert very important festival/ we had a very interesting conversation about /insert another famous person/ ...") Since the author was so hyped I tried another book of him. Same thing. This made me so angry that I started writing by myself, because I can do much better....

The text over time got longer and longer. I broke it into chapters and will put them online one after another during the next few month. (And as usual any feedback is highly welcome and much appreciated.)