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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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DESTROYER --- 15:55:41 30.12.2006

takova temna depresivni elektronika...
mam toho plnou hlavu :)
doporucuje se!
DESTROYER --- 15:40:50 30.12.2006
PHACATS: :), taky se chystam na novej set, dneska sem natahal giga releasu tak snad neco vznikne ;-)
PHACATS --- 15:34:09 30.12.2006
Parada konecne Cryoworks v akci! :) Jinak muj novy set:

ELEKTRIO presents - DEKADES dj set
FROHIKEY --- 12:19:25 27.12.2006
GREGOR_PRIDE: mno prekvapilo by me to, kdyby ti to vadilo... krali vsech spamu :)))))

SUBDRUM47: mno bohuzel unclean se neudrzel na uzde hehe... jeste potrebuju domakat par veci... samotna releasa se menit nebude, jen snizim trosku volume u platforma
UNCLEAN --- 11:05:52 27.12.2006
SUBDRUM47: jj dodatecny upravy taky coming soon :D
NAILER --- 10:47:39 27.12.2006
SUBDRUM47 --- 8:02:28 27.12.2006
juchuuuu konecne, akorat http://cryoworks.com/ porad hlasi commin soon :|
UNCLEAN --- 3:40:04 27.12.2006

[owo001] VA - The First Artefacts

Tak je to konecne tady :)


This is the first compilation released on Cryoworks! In fact these tracks are the first ones we've found in this desolate world worth spieling about... and this is why we called it "The First Artifacts".

Chris Herbert opens the compilation with a ghostly ambient tune. Followed up by Jamie Drouin who presents his project VRSN and an untitled track which will conjure up images of drones whispering cybernetic spells into your ears. The next track will submerge you under the sea where you will meet genetically modified marine life as a result of a clandestine research project in the hands of mad biologists and nano-technology. The next tune comes from Sweden and deals with intercontinental interferences (spooky). Strangelet's track closes the ambient part of the compilation.

The second half of the compilation delves much more into minimal aesthetics. Strcprstskrzkrk will reveal the way to create music using the least number of sounds. The masterpiece after was composed by Platform - rich textures and clear sound that will take you far, far away. Followed by Donkeyworks who tells you a short story about one little ice floe... drifting...s lowly. The compilation ends on a high note with _clean's track - Trats!

01 :: Chris Herbert ~ Half And Half And Half [06:41]
02 :: VRSN ~ Untitled 11-07-06 (Cryo) [03:54]
03 :: Me And My Droid ~ Hello My Little Fish [03:16]
04 :: Mattias Engvall ~ Intercontinental Interference [03:41]
05 :: Strangelet ~ Fields Of Infinity [06:40]
06 :: Strcprstskrzkrk ~ Backbeatclick [10:53]
07 :: Platform ~ The Architect [03:54]
08 :: Donkeyworks ~ Wandering Around An Ice Floe [05:28]
09 :: _clean ~ Trats! [08:04]

tracks: 9 | duration: 52:31 | released: 20.12.2006 |

download full release (68MB ~ Mp3 VBR)

UNCLEAN --- 22:43:28 25.12.2006



one year tropic! we say thanks to all artists, friends, djs, listeners and radioshows for the confidence and the support in 2006. tropic is nothing without you guys. much love! hope to see you back in 07, cause we announce some fresh stuff for your ears. we wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year!

as a special gift we drop a compilation with tropic artists and friends. volume one is out now, volume two will follow the next days. enjoy the music!

by the way, its also time for new webdesign. many people rail against the speed of the site, so we changed it. we hope you like it

UNCLEAN --- 22:42:46 25.12.2006

(produktloop01) various artists - loops part 1


Just in time with christmas Produkt Schallplatten is offering the first release to the world of electronic music. Produkt is a label which connects three different parts of releasing music together concentrating on deep, minimal sounds. Offering vinyls as well in future Produkt shows up new talents in music business supported by some nice remixers as digital releases. The first release comes out on the Netlabel part of Produkt giving you free loops of different artists using them to improve your digital dj sets or livesets. The first release presents artists like:

Katzo (Multivitamins)
Dilo (Einmaleins, Igloo, Telegraph)
Diss0nance (Foundsound)
Dub Kult (raum…musik, Living Records)
Johan Fotmeijer (Mitek, Boxer, Kalaish, Adjunct)
Ion Ludwig (Underline, Alphahouse)
Jason and the Argonauts (Produkt, Redevice)
Djeho Youn (Produkt)
Luka & Lazo (Mo’s Ferry)
Minimono (Telegraph)
Shadi Megallaa (Igloo, Tic Tac Toe, Kalimari, Produkt)
Red Kite (Gastspiel, Produkt)
S Linzatti (Rrygular, Stockholm Ltd.)
Mike Wall (Safari, Modulat, Pasdenom)

download link: