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Asijská kultura ~ zdroj mnoha inspirujících děl a myšlenek

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JAMINA --- 0:11:02 10.9.2014
Drak se probouzí a inspiruje současné umělce | Výtvarné umění
JAMINA --- 21:32:23 9.7.2014

Ay-O is a Japanese artist, who has been associated with Fluxus since its international beginnings in the 1960s. Ay-O has established a reputation in the avant gardes of Japan, Europe and the United States. In Japan, he is known as the “Rainbow Man” for his use of colorful, rainbow-striped motifs in his artwork. In its purest form some paintings are simple gradations of the Rainbow with up to 192 gradations
JAMINA --- 13:30:33 27.6.2014
DesignMagazin.cz – Maiko Takeda vytvořila módní kolekci z tisíců ostnů
JAMINA --- 23:14:21 25.6.2014
Tomoko Kashiki (b.1982, Japan)


The portraits Tomoko Kashiki creates are fragmented, and at times placed in a limiting space that traps the women within an intimate world of beauty, desire and dreams. Her aesthetic is reminiscent of Heian Buddhist paintings and Bijinga, pictures of beautiful women in pinewood gardens, a style derived from Kyoto, the city in which Kashiki was born and raised.

Although the flat, smooth texture and flowing lines may strike viewers as a broadly Japanese painting style, her own process is extremely unique. She creates paintings by overlapping layers and weaving accumulated scenes, fermenting them, erasing them, sanding them down and repainting the canvas. Through this process, she moderates her motifs and expressions to adjust to her initial idea of the painting. The sophisticated canvas is designed to erase time or any evidence of the artist’s hand, leaving a vivid impression much like a daydream.

JAMINA --- 1:46:59 18.5.2014