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We are looking for creative ideas that can inspire people to change their everyday behavior towards sustainability...

How to participate?

Write an email in English with your idea in a short story format (350 to 500 words) to greenshotsaward@cprac.org no later than July 31th, 2010.

A jury composed of environmental experts will select the 10 best short stories to be turned into animated videos, or Green Shots.
The ten Green Shots will be presented at the ECOMEDA Green Forum in November 2010 in Barcelona.
The author of the best short story will be awarded a trip to the next Earth Summit Rio+20 in 2012

There are many areas in which the concept of sustainable consumption can be applied. But, if you are looking for some guidance, here is a list of topics you could write about:

* Advertising
* Eco-design
* Energies
* Food
* Housing
* Leisure

* Lifestyles
* Mobility
* E-waste
* Textiles
* Tourism
* Water

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