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nova svezi electro-nurave-glitz party

After rocking Friends to its very foundations last month, Latex returns! This time to put the freshly renovated an newly opened Vertigo club through its paces! With more room to dance, we'll be cranking up its considerable sound system to the limit with another night of nu-rave electro italo disco madness on Friday 27th June. Getting shiny on the decks will be Wwera Latex Princess and Acustic Terroist, supported by DJ Leclerk from Plzen, minimal and electro oldskool maestro DJ April Majk and warming up with a special disco house treat will be DJ Face. So if you're looking for some neon colour to spark life back into a tired Prague, try our multi-genre fashion party at Havelska 4, Praha 1, close to Staromestke Namesti in the Old Town, kicking off at 22.00.
It's gonna be one long HOT summer!!!

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