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Česko-Polský Performance is an original project which aim is to create an unforgettable event, showing cooperation between Poles and Czechs in the field of art, fashion, music and visuals.
Feel free and join in the most outstanding project in Prague . You are welcomed to watch, feel, appreciate and incorporate yourself into the performance! Be the viewer and the performer, Come to enjoy our spectacle and create one with us!
See you at CZ!PL soon.

20.00 -21.15 Three fashion performances+ Frenchkiss dj sets+ Fluidacje visuals >
Designers : SISTERSCONSPIRACY/ martagos /Pavel Brejcha
21.15- 22.00 Fluidacje live act/concert
22.00- 4.00 Party:
22.00- 0.00 NBRDZJ
0.00- 4.00 Frenchkiss

Sisterconspiracy label was established in 2005 by Alice Klouzková and Jana Jetelová - fresh graduates of the Fashion Art Studio at AAAD in Prague . They are particularly interested in menswear. They would like to offer an alternative for those men who want to leave the uniformity of massive fashion production and seek for individual view in clothing. Their collections are made in the Czech Republic in small series and of the first-quality materials supplied exclusively by EU manufacturers. Each piece is an original thanks to high portion of handmade manufacturing (seriography, embroidery). Graphic style of the collections is realized by young progressive czech artists.

Pavel Brejcha is fashion and shoe designer. He studied in Czech Republic , Slovakia and in French Institute of Fashion in Paris . He went through many work experiences in foreign fashion houses and companies as: Maison Gilles Rosier, JCDC, Balenciaga, Peclers Paris and Spanish Zara. Now he is based in Czech Republic , where he is working on his personal collections and unique products like for designer’s group Old school. He teaches in a fashion design studio at Institute of art and design West Bohemia University in Pilsen. Pavel Brejcha works with emotions on his personal projects, that are often define as contrast and synthesizes between constructivism and impression.

Marta Gos is a designer from Warsaw who is making her diplomma collection next year. She is the finalist of fashion competitions: Fashion Designer Awards 2009 and the concept of outfits for Polish representatives during EXPO 2010 in Shanghai . She is also a student of English Studies at the University of Warsaw. The particular interests of her collections are psychological and sociological relations between the human body and fashion. For her, fashion does not exist without context. She is interested in exploring and showing the blurring line between fashion and different forms of arts, what she would like to use in her further collections.

He appeared on the Warsaw scene after “Tańce na Chłodnej” in 2008. Since then, together with Club Collab, he has played with the bests like Breakbot, Treasure Fingers, In Flagranti, The Revenge or Motor City Drum Ensemble. He also had an occassion to present his own set during the Rafinerie 2009 festival and Free Form Festival 2009.

For Franck Gampio-Killy, a native of Paris , a normal lifestyle is never an option on the table. After living in few European countries he formed the duo FrenchKiss DJs, and spontaneously relocated to Prague . Their unique sets incorporate Arabic and African roots, funk, and soul music. They have made a name for themselves on Prague ’s club scene being a pair of familiar faces at Duplex, M1, Vertigo, Hush Café and Chapeau Rouge. Their success was due in equal parts to their spinning skills and solid cultural music background from Sex Pistols to Miles Davis.
For CZ!PL event Franck has made a set for every fashion performance which will create unforgettable atmosphere together with visuals made by Fluidacje. After the artistic part, he will take care of us on the best party in Prague together with NBRDZJ!

Thanks to analog equipment VJs can do live improvisations to create unique, lively images full of wild colours, which tie back to the styles of psychedelic concerts from the 60s and 70s. Modelling the light they create surprising animations, full of bubbles, graphics and liquid forms. During concerts the VJs get into audiovisual dialogues with musicians, because they not only make a background but very often they inspire the musicians in their improvisations.
After brightening up many concerts in Poland and a concert in Berlin they will show up in Prague . During CZ!PL event Fluidacje will make special analog visuals to every fashion performance, creating amazing atmosphere. They will show their artistic interpretation of the presented fashion. Then, they will make a concert/ life act, which will force you-viewers- to create/be part of the their project.


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