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Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
MAD_CADDY --- 14:53:15 14.4.2010
no skapuk to uplně neni ale přitvrdilo se:-)
SUPERWEB --- 19:22:15 7.4.2010
discoballs hrajou ska-punk?? me to loni na mighty prislo spis jako ska-reggae-disco, takovy pomalejsi..ale je mozny ze se za ten rok vyvinuli nekam jinam samzorejme :)
FLAUTISTAR --- 13:02:09 30.3.2010
ode dne-ška předprodej v Chapeau na baru
FLAUTISTAR --- 16:59:29 14.3.2010
DISCOBALLS (Czech Republic)

The DiscoBalls are a band from Prague that was formed in February 2006. They play music based on Ska with Soul feeling and Punk roughness with many other influences. The sound of the Balls is characteristic by cartoon-like horns, ska guitar makes trips from country to HC, groovy disco bass, peremptory drums and girly sweet voice.
Over the years, The DiscoBalls have played over 200 concerts all around Czech Republic and in Slovakia, Poland, Austria and Germany.
During summer 2008, DiscoBalls has recorded its first album named DiscoVery Channel that was nominated for the best Czech album in the category Ska and Reggae in the Czech version of Grammy.
The album is sold-out now and it is available for free download on their web site http://www.discoballs.cz

BATTERY (Russia)

«BATTERY» is a musical group from St. Petersburg. We are actively touring with concerts in many cities in Russia and abroad. Our style is a mix of ska and punk.
The group was founded in 2004.

In June 2006, independently released their first single with the title «ANIMALS».

In January 2009, the band released their first album «PRI-PARA.DE (record label «KAPKAN»).

Now the group completed work on a long-awaited maxi-single «SKA, BEAU MONDE and FIGHTER SPHINCTER» and international CD-split with the participation of the group.

All the basic information about the group can be found on their official website http://batary.ru .

M.A.D. BAND (Russia)

M.A.D. Band is a Russian ska punk group from Moscow. Founding member Garik Sanko (who’s become the group’s new frontman) has been with the band since winter 2004 and others members have been involved with the group not so long ago.
Since 2004 M.A.D.s have been playing with the leading ska and punk groups from Russia and Europe. The horn players also play in well-known Moscow bands and orchestras.
M.A.D. Band’s debut album “Here We Go!!!” was brought out in spring 2006 (“Independent Sounds”) and the second one “The Four Seasons” (“Mystery Of Sound”) didn’t make the fans wait long and was released in autumn 2007.
On October 24, the band released their third album “More Voice Into The Monitors!” (“Jumping Jack Records”), which consist of 15 songs and, and presented it in many towns all over Russia

http://www.myspace.com/disc0balls PRAHA, SKA/SOUL

Momentálne si môžte album DISCOBALLS stiahnuť zadarmo na

http://www.myspace.com/skabattery Rusko, SKA/PUNK

http://www.myspace.com/madbandmoscow Rusko, SKA/PUNK