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Audiovisualni projekt + live percussions

Psychadelic electro breaks dirty disco punk and affrobeat. We have been playing together at the partyes just shortely since august 2009. But that doesn't mean we do the music this short, no sir. Project members as you can read above are us 3, F.D.P the dj, H.D.A the vj and Hariy the percussions magician. There is also shadow of a ghost of the guitar player Adam, but that's a secret. You might ask yourselve why did we choose weird project name like this. I won't talk about history followed it. I am just saying it came from a guy name who balanced at the border of human society and absolute madnes. You, who are interested into visual part of our live shows can be excited by a fresh collaboration with multiartist, painter, man with several faceces and finally our good freind Tomas Petricek native of Beroun. H.D.A's visual psychadelic experimentals will drive you out of your mind. You can hear us giging in Prague clubs like Chapeau Rouge as the residents, smart club Styx, Beroun etc. We love making our shows and we enjoy every single second with everyone on the dancefloor.




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FDP --- 19:27:41 27.10.2009
ja se s tim spankovym deficitem potykam dryhej taky. Ale zatim to jde, neveril bys ale kolik tam v tydnu chodi lidi..
DJCARAMBA --- 17:41:16 27.10.2009
Druhy den prace...:-(