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Now in its fourth full edition in Krakow, the Unsound Festival has redefined what an electronic festival should be, both in its scope - with acts ranging from highly experimental to neoclassical to noise to dubstep and more - and in the quality of accompanying events such as workshops, panels, exhibitions and film events.

Just last month, the influential online electronic music magazine Resident Advisor ranked Unsound as the second best festival in October, a first for any Polish festival. The magazine wrote: �Poland continues to stake its claim for a place among Europe's premier festival destinations, and perhaps the most intriguing of the nation's offerings is the seven-day Unsound Festival�.

Each edition has been more ambitious than the last, and this year is no exception. Some of the most anticipated performances include a showcase of Ben Frost's Bedroom Community label (Interview with Ben Frost), the Bass Mutations event featuring some of the most respected names in dubstep, and the Experimental Tendencies evening, featuring American independent artist Grouper and a German-Polish collaboration called Solid State Transmitters. For more highlights, see the schedule below, and visit www.unsound.pl.


Stars of the Lid
Sunn O)))

Marcel Dettmann

Kode9 & the Spaceape

a tak dále...




Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
NEXIS --- 15:58:29 15.10.2009
pokud sháníte ubytování, doporučuju jednat co nejrychleji... řešili jsme něco pro 4 lidi na 3 noci a skoro všechno v centru už je vyprodané.
TODZO --- 8:34:16 15.10.2009
dopičic listky jen na biosphere a stars of the lid nejsou uz/zatim k dispozici :(
WICKPICK --- 13:03:26 14.10.2009
do pytle, ja tam chci jet...
AZASHAQ --- 22:07:38 13.10.2009
MASSO: na Polske pomery kvalitou nikterak vybocujici kalba svym lineupem .)
MASSO --- 15:54:28 13.10.2009
wtf??? Biosfere, Monolake a Stars of The Lid!!! ti pšontci si teda umí udělat kalbu!!!