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Sun Side djs / BROOKLYN aka JUANITA JUAREZ / Inspecta(SWO) / Troublemaker (live trumpet)

Special guest:


Lukas has been making music under different guises (juanita juarez, brooklyn; or most recently - intellectual twat) for a number of years now, and is a household name on the Czech underground music scene. Despite his young age, he has released on labels ranging majors such as EMI Czech or Warner Music Czech, through local independent labels Quazi Delict or Intellygent Records, to UK indie labels.

His debut album was nominated in the Czech Music Academy Awards in the electronica category in 2003.

Retrospectivelly, in 2005, a song off the album was nominated by the French Le Monde newspaper in their 'QWARTZ' independent electronic music awards, in the Best Song category.

In 2003, he was invited to become one of the Red Bull Music Academy students, and took part in a music worshkop held in Cape Town, South Africa.

Lukas has also embarked on other projects involving music. His music has featured in a theatre play, numerous ads or a movie soundtrack. He's contributed music to licencing libraries.

As a musician, he is always keen to cooperate with fellow musicians. Among others, he's collaborated with the local vocal talents of Charlie One (Ohm Square) or Ephraim Goldin (Hypnotix and Nana Zorin) and other compatriot producers, as well as international artists from the UK, USA, Germany, Norway or Finland.

His Brooklyn monicker is dedicated solely to drum & bass production; most recent vinyl releases include 'Zissou' on Spearhead Records, 'With All My Heart' on Norwegian Subtitles Records, '11201' on Nookie's Phuzion Records, 'Wicked Ways' / 'Stages' (Commix rmx) on Horizons Music uk, or 'Someone' on Dispatch Records uk.

licencing: granular [at] seznam [dot] cz


CD – albums

- Juanita Juarez – ‘Spy Boy’ LP (Quazi Delict Records 2003; www.quazidelict.cz;
worldwide through iTUNES & www.tamizdat.org)


- Brooklyn – Zissou / Brooklyn – Zissou [TC remix] [Spearhead Records, UK, 2005]

- Brooklyn – 11201 (b/w Bachelors of Science & Stunna – Rhodes Ahead) [Phuzion Records 002, UK, 2006]

- Brooklyn – Stages [Commix remix] / Brooklyn & Bachelors of Science – Wicked Ways [Horizons Music 010, UK, 2006]

- Brooklyn – With All My Heart (feat. Ephraim Goldin) [Subtitles Records 050, 2006]

- Brooklyn – Someone [Dispatch Records UK, 2007]

CD - compilations and remixes

- Juanita Juarez – Is This Juarez? [’Prague Loves Paris’ compilation; Intellygent Records CZ, 2002]

- The Slots – Minea – Juanita Juarez - Brooklyn remix [Championship Records CZ, 2006]

- Veneer – Cely svet si ty EP - Juanita Juarez Finnish Chicks remix [EMI Music Czech, May 2003]

- Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa – Happy R EP - Juanita Juarez 'Tru Punk' remix [EMI Music Czech, 2003 and Labels Records UK]

- Hypnotix – Crack In The Window – Brooklyn Remix [POPRON Music CZ, 2006]

- Khoiba – Terribly – Juanita Juarez remix [Globus Music CZ 2005 & Restart Film 2006]

- Brooklyn – Zissou [Knowledgemag cover CD; www.knowledgemag.co.uk, 2005]

- Brooklyn – Zissou [TC Remix] [Rubik Records UK ‘Liquid Sessions vol 2’ CD compilation; distributed by Nu Urban Music; originally released on Spearhead Records UK, 2006]

- Brooklyn – Someone [Knowledgemag UK cover CD; www.knowledgemag.co.uk, 2007]

- Brooklyn – Stages [Commix VIP remix] [Horizons Records UK Ninth Wonder LP 2xCD compilation; 2007]

- Brooklyn – Someone [Back In My Mind III Drumandbass.cz compilation; 2007]

- Brooklyn – Stages [Commix remix] [Horizons Records UK Dreamthief LP 2xCD compilation; 2008]

CD – other appearances

- Juanita Juarez – Brooklyn Heights [Ultramix Magazine cover CD, September 2002; www.ultramix.cz]

- Skyline – Silent Stream - Juanita Juarez remix [Ultramix Magazine cover CD, February 2003; www.ultramix.cz]

- Juanita Juarez & Resound feat. Charlie One – Too Good to Waste [Ultramix Magazine cover CD, 2003; www.ultramix.cz]

- Juanita Juarez & Resound feat. Charlie One – Into Your Skin [Bassline Magazine cover CD, 2003; www.bassline.cz]

- Juanita Juarez – Tampere Lullaby [Ultramix Magazine ’Chillout Lounge’ cover CD, 2004; www.ultramix.cz]

- Brooklyn – With All My Heart (feat. Ephraim Goldin) [X-Mag Take Control Mix CD – IM CYBER; 2006; originally on Subtitles Records 050, 2006]

- Brooklyn – With All My Heart (feat. Ephraim Goldin) [X-Mag Take Control Mix CD – mixed by TEEBEE (Norway); 2007; originally on Subtitles Records 050, 2006]


Digital-only MP3 Releases

- Brooklyn & Simon V – What Do You Want? [Santorin Records Germany, www.santorin.de, 2006]

support by SUNSIDE DJS:
SHAMANITOO (scratching)
TROUBLEMAKER ( live trumpet)
+ INSPECTA (Sound Wave Orchestra)

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
MORYBUNDUS --- 13:30:12 14.9.2009
Snažím se mno, příští větší mejdlo hodlám udělat i s vámi:)
Uvidíš, rozhodně tě rádi uvidíme:)
BE_RRY --- 11:49:12 14.9.2009
Tak Sun side jede, koukam.) Juanita Juarez je fajn host! Skoda, ze lbc je tak z ruky.. i kdyz nic neni nemozny.) at se dari, zatim