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Ambisen Session III░Oldřich Janota,Anna Hokešová..

Third session of the evening series with delicate sounds in special ambience of old reconstructed hall, this time with truly special guests

▒▓ Oldřich Janota - legendary hypno-folk poet

░ Anna Hokešová - fragile, intimate piano plays
(from band Metastavy)

░▒ Terezor live - sonic storytelling through scenic, cinematic electronic music

▓ Fedor live - Slovak native, modular quirky ambience and abstract dreams

Confy warmed up space, tea corner, plants and atmo visual provided...

entrance=membership fee ≥ 150 czk

▒by #xionlabel & Občanské sdružení Alternativa II, z.s. at Hól culture zone for current & future members

░cover art by sagus93.com

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
_IOB_ --- 8:35:30 30.11.2019
Get in the mood for tonight...

► Approximate order:
20: Terezor
21: Oldřich Janota
22: Anna H. (Metastavy)
23: Fedor (SK/Prg)
00: iob xion
_IOB_ --- 14:08:00 25.11.2019
Vinyl set performed at second of our evening series...
Next extraordinary edition soon...

_IOB_ --- 21:02:40 18.11.2019
Truly epic set by Synaptik from our last listening experience...

Recorded @ Ambisen Session