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Immersive sounds/music night by XION label in suggestive atmosphere of the cultural space Punctum with Dead Janitor, Lowmoe, MacroNoise,Ursula Sereghy

Lowmoe is an audiovisual party in slow motion, a lucid dream on the island of downtempo. An electronic project from Czechia combines the sounds of analog synthesizers, dance rhythms and experimenting with ambient sounds. Since its origin in 2015 Lowmoe played at some of the best Czech music clubs as well at some prominent music festivals. The debut album Downtemple was released January 7, 2019.

Dead Janitor is the alter-ego for Slovak electronic technician Braňo Findrik. With an arsenal of pixelated breakbeats and stuttering samples, Dead Janitor presents an adventurous form of polymetric electronica, echoing the complex IDM explorations. Dead Janitor turns samples upside down, subjects the internal clocks to breakneck multiplication and division, atomsmashes electronic sound into it granular parts, and otherwise sets up rhythm to be in conflict with itself.

MacroNoise, a Slovak producer based in Prague, has released a handful of EPs so far, with latest being soon to be released double EP on Czech label XION. His live performance consists of live sequencing and looping of his own material as well as music from other producers and bands, creating a multi-genre atmospheric and rhythmic blend.

Ursula Sereghy is a multi instrumentalists and producer based in Prague. She is a member of emerging hip hop / soul / jazz band Metastavy where she plays saxophone and synths. As a solo artists and producer she has been passionately exploring sound design as well as rhythmical structures of dance music. Sereghy have played live hardware sets at various clubs and festivals and worked on an installation for Berlin social critique exhibition of Matyáš Maláč, Julius Reichl and Namor Ynrobyv. She is a member of Synth Library Prague team and Trigger collective.

Visuals by Taona
Poster by Adriána Vančová

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
_IOB_ --- 11:37:40 16.1.2020
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^^ A night of beautifuly strange musical landscapes and sonic storytelling from XION label's befriended projects, dear guests and Czech and Slovak mingling...

[ XION invites ^ Sky to Speak/ Scannt\ Fedor/ Teapot / koncertconcert / 17.1.2020 / CR - Praha - Punctum - Krásova 27 ]


_IOB_ --- 23:40:19 10.11.2019
DRZEEF: bylo napsano nize, tak snad si byl;)
DRZEEF --- 0:09:54 10.11.2019
kolik je vstup ? v kcs
_IOB_ --- 13:55:02 9.11.2019
Seemingly new blood Ursula will be opening our evening...
Ursula Nare | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Join us to support local scene!

20:00 Ursula Sereghy
21:00 MacroNoise
22:00 Dead Janitor
23:00 Lowmoe
Recommended entry 100-150 czk