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The "Door" theme, concerned with questions of city, home, borders and identity in art.
Beginning with personal, subjective borders, all the way to "home" vis-a-vis exhibition space.
The magazine, the web, and borders of political correctness, censorship and freedom of speech.

Interaktivní umění, hudba a design za účasti umělcu a studentu Z České republiky, Izraele, Slovenska, Švýcarska, Finska a Polska.
Interactive Art, Music & Design. Including Artists and Students from Czech Rep., Slovakia, Israel, Finland, Poland.

Vstup volný / Metro stanice - Českomoravska

Moderátor/modrated Peter Gyori + Michaela Sidenberg
Kurátoři/curators : Tamara Moyzes (CZ) / Yasha Rozov (Izrael) / Katarína Uhlířová (CZ)

Free entrance / Metro station " Českomoravska"

Eva Jiricka (CZ)
Richard Wiesner (CZ)
Avi Mograbi (IL)
Michal Bielický (DE)
Martin Zet (CZ)
Zbigniew Libera (PL)
Ivan Vosecký (CZ)
Avdey Ter-Oganyan (RU)
Yasha Rozov (IL)
Jan Pfeiffer (CZ)
Mark Divo (LUX)
Sonja Divo - Vectomov (FI)
Andrea Kalinová (SK)
Toybox (CZ)
Tamara Moyzes (SK,CZ,IL)
Shlomi Yaffe (IL)
Lad’a Gažiová (CZ)
Erik Sikora (SK)
Robert Šalanda (CZ)
Guy Saggee (IL)
Oded Ezer (IL)
Eitan Ben Moshe (IL)
Michael Kolchesky (IL)
Avital Santo (IL)

Darina Alster (CZ)
Podebal (CZ)

Divadlo + Theatre
Ježek a Cížek (CZ)

Prednášky a Diskuze + Lectures & Discussions:
moderují + moderators: Peter Gyori, Michaela Sidenberg

Prezentace + Presentations:
Podebal (CZ)
Milan Mikuláštík (CZ)
Skupina Háje (CZ)
Skupina Ládví (CZ)
Zbigniew Libera (PL)
Yasha Rozov (IL)
Casopis UMELEC
D.I.V.O Institute
OPIM o.s.
Pavlína Morganová (CZ)
And other guests + A jiní hosté...

Diskuze + Discussion:
Jirí David (CZ)

Studenti + Students:
Universita Jana Evangelisty Purkyne
Západoceská univerzita v Plzni
Holon Institute of Technology (IL)
WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education (IL)
Vysoká škola výtvarných umení v Bratislave

Dj Gadjo Skalalai (Radio1 Ethnopunx)
Live support Pepino B- Brass Tornado

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
TWILIGHTZONE --- 18:54:23 11.6.2009
CASLAW --- 9:15:08 11.6.2009
No to byla hrozná sračka...
OMRI --- 2:01:09 11.6.2009
MAMBA_ --- 15:30:52 10.6.2009
částečně nerozumim tomu programu. Koná se to dva dny nebo jenom jeden?
JELLY --- 10:35:02 9.6.2009
darina jede!.)
OMRI --- 19:07:08 5.6.2009
Time plan:

1. 4:00 – 4:20 PM


Peter Györi (President of Bejt Praha – The Open Prague Jewish Community, Prague, CZ)

Yasha Rozov (Graphic artist, curator and lecturer at the Holon Institute of Technology and Shenkar College in Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, IL)

Tamara Moyzes (Visual artist and independent curator, Prague CZ)

2. 4:30 – 9:00 PM


All presenters will be given 15 minutes for introducing their work. Emphasis will be made on art as social practice as it is exercised in the work of the invited artists and theorists, with a special focus on personal and collective identities, experiences, and sensitivities.

The title DOOR is a metaphor suggesting a multiple reading. Omitting the obvious lexical value of the word that constitutes the common ground of our experience shared through language, the cultural references refining our sensitivities may vary: when coming in, one would always first press, while the other would pull, one may expect a mezuzah on the right side of the doorframe, while the other may feel an irresistible urge not to hand anything over the threshold... Most of this behavior is subliminal and reflexive, most of it is culturally determined. Slightly exaggerating, even the act as simple as encountering / passing one another in a doorway may constitute questions that we would like to focus on in the proposed debate, i. a.: How are we imagining, defining, (re/de/pre)constructing, performing, and asserting our identities and cultural belonging? What are our cultural fantasies, taboos, and realities? Can we face, confront or suppress them? Can we invent them anew? What are the patterns and economies of our re-presentations and stereotyping of Others? And last but not least: What delineates the boundaries of our personal freedom and responsibility?

Let’s imagine that there is nothing behind and in front of our imaginary DOOR. As if the place, amalgamating the beginning and the end (entrance and exit), stood by itself in a free open space. As if it was a gate in which two Others meet on their constant move between Diversity and Respect (Dispersion and Re-Encounter).

Whereas short Q&As will take place between individual presentations, the main discussion will be reserved for the closing panel.


Misha Sidenberg (Art historian and visual arts curator at the Jewish Museum in Prague, CZ)


4:30 – 4:45 PM Skupina Haje

4:50 – 5:05 PM Umelec

5:10 – 5:25 PM Pavlina Morganova

5:30 – 5:45 PM OPIM

5:50 – 6:05 PM Yasha Rozov


Jezek & Cizek


6:50 – 7:05 PM Podebal

7:10 – 7:25 PM Zbigniew Libera

7:30 – 7:45 PM Ludek Rathousky

7:50 – 8:05 PM Milan Mikulastik


All presenters + Jiri David and Milan Salak

9:00 – 9:25 PM Performance by Darina Alster

3. 9.30-12 PM Party:
Dj Gadjo Skalalai (Radio1 Ethnopunx)
Live support Pepino B- Brass Tornado