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Polymorphous, multifaceted, multicultural and in continuous dialogue with itself as well as with its audience; these are the qualities of PB4 and PBP

PRAGUE BIENNALE 4 Prague Biennale directors Giancarlo Politi and Helena Kontova have created an open forum on painting, presenting this issue through several declinations and manifestations: locals, nationals and internationals. The result is EXPANDED PAINTING — a title coined on the occasion of Prague Biennale 2 and inspired by Rosalind Krauss’s “Sculpture in Expanded Field.” This term becomes the starting point for a series of sections which aim to spotlight and engage the actual state of painting in Central Europe together with other countries like Mexico, Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines, in cooperation with a team of active and creative curators. The counterparts of this parade of paintings and painters never seen before internationally are ART IN GENERAL and FOCUS ITALY, which confirm once again the Biennale’s mandate and its attention to a multiplicity of interests and themes. ART IN GENERAL captures the current situation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, featuring peculiar and unexpected curatorial visions, while FOCUS ITALY brings ‘on stage’ a fraction of Italian artistic production that is often overshadowed. PRAGUE BIENNALE PHOTO 1 Debuting this year, PRAGUE BIENNALE PHOTO 1, is an extensive overview of the new photographic production in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia, through a curious link to the United States, reaffirming the importance of photography in these countries. Featuring four sections, this counterpart of the Biennale confirms once again the nature of such an event: synergy, juxtaposition, pluralism become the ingredients for this Prague Biennale, which is the sole rendezvous for artistic production in Central Europe and beyond.

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
GUMAGUAR --- 15:44:41 18.5.2009
OVERDRIVE: blby je, ze akce muze trvat maximalne mesic, takze kdyz je delsi, tak to do toho formulare proste nezadas
musi se to pak napsat nekam jinam, do dalsiho infa
SUOTAM --- 7:55:07 15.5.2009
a dokdy ze to teda je?
OVERDRIVE --- 15:49:41 14.5.2009
Barbie: prosim priste zadej poradne data od kdy do kdy ta akce je, taky dej nejakej rozumnej link, kterej funguje a mozna i formatovana a ceska anotace by se hodila i kdyz nic proti anglictine. Jinak dik za info, zajdu se podivat.