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Between October 9 and 30th, Exuro will be available for private lessons for individuals and groups in Prague.

Since 2008, Insphyre has delivered flow arts workshops to thousands of students across North America and Europe. A lesson with Exuro includes training methodology, techniques, tips, and tricks custom tailored to each students individual skill level. Every student is guaranteed to walk away with new material and a greater understanding of the topics covered.

Book now and Exuro will work with you to create a customized lesson for your specific needs and skill level to ensure that you get the most out of your investment. All private lesson purchases also include a 15 minute skype session to evaluate your personal needs for a class prior to the lesson, and one complementary 30 minute follow up session via skype 30 days after the lesson is conducted.

Don't delay, book today!
Contact Insphyre Performance or email therealexuro@gmail.com with questions or to inquire about details.

~~~~~~Lesson Plans~~~~~~

60 minute lesson - 500CZK
90 minute lesson - 650CZK
120 minute lesson - 800CZK

--Small Group (2-4 individuals)--
60 minute lesson - 400CZK per person
90 minute lesson - 500CZK per person
120 minute lesson - 600CZK per person

--Large Group (5-15 individuals)--
60 minute lesson - 2000CZK flat rate
90 minute lesson - 2500CZK flat rate
120 minute lesson - 3000CZK flat rate

~~~~Props and Skills That Can Be Taught~~~~

---(mix and match sessions also available)---
-Single Staff
-Contact Staff
-Partner Contact Staff
-Double Staff
-Triple Staff
-Multiball Contact Juggling
-Levitation Stick(flow wand)
-Meteor Spinning
-Fire Manipulation
-Fire Breathing
-Stage Presence and Charcater Construction
-Cultivating your Community
-Cultivating your Flow State
-Personal Empowerment

Flow Arts Lessons with Exuro-Facebook event

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