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interlope v crossu ten patek

Shooting drum&bass into unexplored territories is one definition of Interlope, as the band is based upon live performances wich consist of improvisation using samplers, synths, mixing desk and FX... This is a live duo act, where each member is writting their own tracks and mixing them together their very own way to create the Interlope stream. Dancefloor music mixing electro hip-hop to breaks and drum&bass is another definition of Interlope. In ELECTRIFIED, their studio album 2004, Dragongaz & Rimshot, develop their multi electronic side aspect by delivering an album more oriented to electro hip hop and break beat featuring American MCs, SK, Jamalski and South African, Watkins Tudor Jones. This album marks a change from their live acts, which is more drum&bass dominant. A direction they already took on Talk to the Beat their first album (released in 2002), and peppered with featurings from the same SK, Jamalski and Black Sifichi. This line is now more strongly asserted, sharpened, and refined. The live performance can now offer a bigger range of exploration. With an amply recognised power, the duellists have accumulated a large number of gigs (about 300 gigs) since their association in 1999 , from the Vieilles Charrues festival 2003 (biggest open air festival in france), to teknivals, festivals, concerts halls, clubs and raves all over France, also in England, Germany, Spain, Swizerland and South Africa (project Siphon 2003). After releasing a maxi vynil featuring some live session in London party (nov05-Expressillon), the band just finished the remix project called HIGHT TONE Re-Processed, a compilation of remixes of the massive French dub band, including 5 tracks remix by Interlope and remixes from Le Peuple de lHerbe, Hybrid Sound System...and more (out June 2006 on label JARRING EFFECTS). In May 07 the band released a 3rd album called "petits arrangements entre amis" in wich they deliver shadow messages. For this album Interlope went back to the real phat old school studio sound, using only top tube gears and Neve console, wich mean that the resulting mix is one of the best productions so far for the band. Now they prepare the release of a live cd Chip Jockey n°2 wich consist of a picture of Interlope live performance at the moment (out April 09 label Expressillon). "We are CJs cause we play with the chips inside the machines" this is what means Chip Jockey series cds from label Expressillon.


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AKISAN --- 15:22:59 7.4.2009
CARTMANETWORK23 : tak jesli je to tenhel patek Imperialistic v Crossu tak urcite.
CARTMANETWORK23 --- 14:11:09 7.4.2009
AKISAN: a budes tam?
AKISAN --- 12:11:17 7.4.2009
tak tam budeme teda) 21:00 4shizzle))
SMETI --- 8:37:37 7.4.2009
loox gr8
UZAKO --- 16:23:25 6.4.2009
i hope so ;)
CARTMANETWORK23 --- 16:17:16 6.4.2009
and you play here?