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NOISE INVADERS je nová techno noc kam vám budeme pravidelně vozit matadory technoscény.

NOISE INVADERS present two big techno legends :
+ German underground matadors
SYNTAX ERROR (Snork Enterprises, FEINWERK) DJ Set

PŘEDPRODEJ : https://goout.cz/cs/listky/noise-invaders-vol-1-tim-taylor+damon-wild+dalsi/qtj/

After few years break Mayapur sound system come out with new event Noise Invaders, where we will present you top artists from world techno scene. We are really happy to invite here this two proper techno legends, formers of techno scene.

This party will be supported with top NOISE CONTROL AUDIO soundsystem, good decos, lights and videomapping.

Presale will start 10.01. 2016
Presale 250czk only 200 tickets
300 czk on place until 23:00
350 czk after 23:00
Limited capacity!


Head of Missile Records,Tim Taylor has been producing for 20 years. His various recording aliases include The Pump Panel – Planet of Drums + DJ OneFinger. Tim has excelled with his Breakbeat – Techno and Acid House releases with highlights being the legendary *Horn Track* – *Bang The Acid* – *Ego Acid* and *Housefucker*. Aside from his work on Missile, Tim has released singles on XL Recordings – FFRR/London Records and Polydor/Universal. Tim’s most well known work was his involvement in the radical acid overhaul of New Order’s *Confusion* accredited to The Pump Panel which became a global sensation when it blazed across the screens in the notorious *Vampire Bloodbath* opening sequence of the smash *Blade* movie. Tim has recently signed his Dome Patrol project to Bush Records for multi-release activity and is also re-designing his record label to return as Missile 2.0 with the promise of some brand new Pump Panel recordings in the pipeline.

Damon Wild's musical career started off as a DJ playing a range of musical styles from Kraftwerk / Cabaret Voltaire / New Order to early acid house on his home town radio WTUL in New Orleans. It was in 1990 when he moved to NYCto become a key player in the underground techno scene. While working at local record stores, Sonic Groove & Vinylmania, Damon released his first EP "Unleash the Groove" on the legendary Strictly Rhythm stamp. After several releases on various labels, Damon built his name as a producer of hard, dark acid and synth-fuelled techno stompers. As Experimental (EX) was being set up as his first record label in 1992, Damon hit it big with the rave anthem "Rave Generator" under the group name Toxic Two. The tune reached the top ten in the UK charts and was his biggest commercial success.
Even though Experimental records were relatively short lived, it was crucial in showcasing the talents of artists like Freddie Fresh, Tim Taylor and Woody McBride. It was then that Damon set up his second label, Synewave, and he still continues to run it and record for it successfully. On Synewave, Damon released some of his biggest underground tunes, such as "Bang the Acid" and "Afghan Acid", both recorded with UK's Tim Taylor. At the same time he was signing other producers to the label: Woody McBride, Freddy Fresh, Mark Bell (LFO), Joey Beltram, Heiko Laux, Steve Stoll, to name a few.
In 1988, Damon released his first full length album "New Electronica" under the alias Morph (produced with Dennis Ferrer). Damon was also heavily producing solid minimal productions such as "Avion" and his Subtractive Synthesis series.
After more than 15 years dj'ing and producing in the USA, Damon decided to move to Europe in 2001, where he released his second full album "Color Theory" for the Belgian based Music Man stamp. With some EP's in between, 2004 witnessed his third full album "Downtown Worlds" on the German Kanzleramt stamp. With releases on all these labels (Code Red, Strictly Rhythm, Buzz, Reload, Music Man, Kanzleramt, Synewave, ?!) Damon Wild keeps crossing the globe for new inspiration.
Damon Wild is well known for his experienced dj style ranging from underground acid, classic techno, pumping minimal to the latest in new electronic sounds from around the globe. His top priority is to balance between his likings and that of the crowd to create a special techno experience.

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