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A discussion of 25 of the most common mistakes Czechs make when speaking English

There exists a select group of errors in English grammar and word usage that are more frequently made by Czechs than other errors. These mistakes are easily correctable and learning what they are, why they are incorrect, and how to correct them will do a great deal to improve any Czech's spoken (and written) English. In this workshop I will describe each error, explain why I believe it to be so frequent, and then explain how to use the word/tense/grammatical construct correctly (and also how to identify other similar problems). If you are interested in making significant improvements in your ability to speak and write English well in a short period of time, this workshop is for you.

A presentation by Gordon Walker
Price: 200 Kč
150 Kč for students of skola 21

Register at: http://skola21.com/prihlaska

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