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LŽU ve spolupráci s PragueWatch o.s. uvádí přednášku Urban Social Movements and the Night: Struggling for the 'Right to the Creative (Party) City' in


Deemed the squatting capital of Europe in the mid-90s, Geneva's faltering alternative artistic counterculture and its associated experimental nightlife, has fallen victim to neo-liberal urban development (including the liberalisation of corporate/commercial licensed premises and legal challenges to squats, soaring property prices/rents and gentrification, and increased cultural regulation). More recently though an alliance of young Genevois artists, dj's and revellers, have begun to fight back under the rubric of the 'right to the (party) city'. The main aim of this article is to theoretically and empirically examine this noctural urban movement in light of wider debates about urban entrepreneurialism, conflict over space, and struggles over 'creative city' discourses. After briefly reviewing a range of theoretical material on urban transformation, including discussions of the rise (and critiques) of the entrepreneurial and creative city, and the role nightlife plays within these paradigms, the article turns to an examination of the notion of 'alternative' nightspaces and charts changes in the struggle 'creative cultural producers' are engaging in to challenge the corporate city. In the second section of the paper, I turn to the specific case study of Geneva, explore the legacy of its countercultural history, and assess the current 'right to the (party) city' movement's character, contribution, and contradictions, in challenging entrepreneurial urban development.


Robert Hollands is co-author (with Paul Chatterton) of Urban Nightscapes : Youth Cultures, Pleasure Spaces and Corporate Power (2003) and is Professor of Sociology at Newcastle University. He has published numerous articles on urban nightlife and alternative urban cultures, youth transitions, cultural cities and cultural festivals.

categories: discussion/presentation
open at: 17:00
Jeseniova 60
Czech Republic

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