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Prodejiny Vystava of unic hand made clothes

Hand Made Bazar in Atelier ~~PUNCTUM~~

Prodejiny Vystava of unic hand made clothes, accessories, silk print and other surprises.
Workshops: DIY accessories, sewing, hand printing and silk printing.. Choose something, tops, trousers, šály, snad i ponozky and we will make it for your size and taste, right on the place.
We'll have availabe sewing machines, colours, brushes and anything what we"ll find to be usefull for creation and to make YOU creative!
As for the sound,LIVE Folk Session from All Over The World.. So, we"ll be HERE and EVERYWHERE!
The bar will be available with nice,cold draft beer, panaky and some small dinner for hladové lidi,as well small garden for refreshing.

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Krasova 27, zvonek: Punctum


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