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Christian Vance (Versatile, Haul, Melbourne)
Mike Callander (Haul, Revolver, Melbourne)
& Dj SCHWA's bday bash

Christian Vance (Versatile, Haul, Melbourne / Berlin)
Mike Callander (Haul, Revolver, Melbourne)

& Dj SCHWA's bday bash
.... and of course Dj ARK on the support duties.


For 50CZK guest list reservations send names to contact@beefrecords.net. Limited capacity!

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Releases and remixes on Art of Vengeance, Versatile, Global Underground, Perspectiv, Team, Nightime Drama, Get Slow.
Head Honcho at Haul Music.
Career highlights include being invited by Derrick May to collaborate on a remix project for the movie Tekkonkinkreet (鉄コン筋クリート) in Carl Craig’s Detroit studio. His second release on own imprint, Haul Music, was released on Carl Cox’s Global Underground compilation (#38 Black Rock Desert). Vance also remixed Parisian, Etienne Jaumet of Zombie Zombie fame on classic French label, Versatile. One of the more recent 12” offerings on his own label was praised by Resident Advisor featuring a classic remix by British legend Kirk Degiorgio. Last year he released the 12” EP “Uneasy Me” on Aril Brikha's Art of Vengeance record label with a remix by Aril himself.
Vance’s own fusion of House and Techno music is informed and influenced by his classically trained musical background in combination with early experiences of original Mid-West electronic ideals. He has been performing his own music in a live format since the late 90s. That history can be heard in every live show and DJ appearance.
Clone Records described his debut ep, Tiger Snake on Perspectiv Records as a "New, powerful take on classic Detroit techno"

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Mike Callander is one of Australia’s most dynamic DJs, an innovative producer and remixer, and founder (alongside Christian Vance and Craig McWhinney) of the exciting Australian record label, Haul Music.

Mike’s productions and remixes for his Haul Music imprint have enjoyed incredible feedback and support from a truly diverse range of DJs including Konrad Black, Agoria, Alex Smoke, Len Faki, Brothers Vibe, Deetron, Tim Paris, Hernan Cattaneo, Danny Tenaglia, Alexkid, Nick Warren, Deepchild, Gel Abril and Tomcraft.

As a DJ it was at his own techno club, Fokus, in Melbourne in 2001, that Mike achieved instant infamy for his genre-bending musical selections and an approach to DJing that was both versatile and unique. A decade later, Mike has performed and toured alongside just about every techno DJ to visit Australia, while in Melbourne holding long term residencies at a range of sought-after clubbing institutions such as Sunny, Nano, Ffour, and the infamous Honkytonks.

His mix CD for Honkytonks, entitled “The Last Dance” made its way into record stores across the world in 2006. Since then Mike has toured all across Australia and New Zealand, and as far afield as Berlin, Cologne, Prague, Warsaw, Los Angeles, Madrid and Malaysia, playing alongside artists as diverse as Mathew Jonson, Prins Thomas, Michael Mayer, Radioslave, Luciano, Booka Shade, Trentemoeller, Locodice, Matthew Dear, Stacey Pullen, Agoria (at Berlin's Watergate), M.A.N.D.Y (both in Melbourne and Berlin), and Mr C (in Melbourne and Berlin).

Mike’s DJing has also earned accolades from countless touring international artists, with many labeling him one of Australia's finest - most notably Get Physical’s DJ T., who invited Mike to play in Berlin at his anniversary event to celebrate 20 years of DJing.

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