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What began as a private party hosted by Atelier Libusin has become the annual event
“Transformania”, which now, for the second year running, will be held at NEONE.
The format is simple! We invite musicians and artists that have crossed our path and together we transform the evening into an immersive dreamland of performance, sound and visuals.
This year we are collaborating with Landmine Alert and Lunchmeat to bring you new faces from the Czech scene.
VJ Svetlonos and Dimmer will create a light scene especially for the space, magnificent Mr.Vux will showcase his latest visuals.and of course there would be no Transformania without Tagtool live painting by Frances Sander..
Be sure not to miss this year’s event!

The line up:


Bylo nebylo.
Tam kde končí cesta a začíná les stála opřená o stromy malá dřevěná chaloupka a v té malé dřevěné chaloupce bydlel Jirka s Honzou. Úplně sami.
Mutanti hledaj východisko. Jsou.
Prostor, který se rozpíná a smršťuje podle toho s jakou intenzitou se dotýká planet, zvířat a lidí. Vyprávění příběhů, které se míhají na kraji zorného pole a noří se sami do sebe.


// The Fakemasters (DE)

The advanced way to count to seven:
Buy one, get three
Part 2:
In a whole
11 songs:
From pigeons in the garden, weeding weeds, natives and the huts of the other tribes to
the bus stop and behind the bush,
let branches break to await Lee Kopter in a gardencrush back home.


//Fake Mistress (DE)

Fake Mistress started as a singer of the dada-performance group The Fake Masters, but is now performing mostly solo.
The classical trained voice is her instrument to impersonate various shapes of characters and emotions and thus creating a highly atmospheric music, evoking fragments of films, emotions and stories fusing it to a kind of modern symphony. The music she composes
and performs live is a mixing of field-recordings, her own recordings of instruments and cut-ups of old classical orchestra music vinyls that have been processed, using Linux and open source programms only (Ardour).

Living in Berlin since 1992, she has been an active agent of the diy-scene, organising various events.



// Zaquoir (DE)

Matthias Gross alias Zaquoir started his music studio in the late 90s. He was part of the live improvisation projects Grosshuber, Extremental and Gross&Niermann and was working with Jazz musicians like Simone Weißenfels, Lukas Rabe, Hamsa Touré, Fabian Niermann, Bozena Buinicka, Tadas Desukas and Govinda Abbott. He also was playing the electronic part in the band Mud Mahaka.

Having his origin in Northern Bavaria he was living in Leipzig, Istanbul and Vilnius, where he was working on sound and music projects. Now he is concentrating on the music that works on the dancefloor as well in a listening room. To talk about styles it is from broken beat electro and jungle to straight techno and experimental electronica.

Zaquoir is part of the Selbstversorgersound crew that annually meets in different places in the mountains to produce new music that would not come out if there weren’t that special surroundings. It was set up by Beni Brachtel in 2007. Releases from artists like Bartellow, Larkin & the Sky, Günther Lause and Lukas Rabe and also Zaquoir were the starting point of SVS Records that grew out of the circle.


Vojtech Smetana is the perfect example of a typical so-called bedroom-music producer generation.

His live-sets are made of his music production only and You can see no laptops on the stage, only his beloved hardware gear. You can hear everything from breaks, straight beats, glitch to minimal-dub-techno but no matter what, he always brings the eclectic energy to the table.

His performance is always being prepared with absolute focus on detail and the records are always unexpectedly transformed and manipulated in real time on the stage. Vojtech was never very much interested in DJ-ing, he always wanted to present his own music live to the audience to see it´s reaction.

Vojtech started to feel the passion for electronic music in his early teenage years and right after he discovered the magic of the so called trackers, especially one called Impulse Tracker (yeah, there was no Ableton back in the days, kids), he realized that he definitely has to be part of it. Vojtech was performing his first industrial/digital hardcore live sets at the legendary squat Milada or somewhere in the abandoned warehouses. Under the name Dustman he made quite a few gigs with his first sampler Yamaha SU-700. It was a pure sonic destruction breakcore madness.
Few years later project Anhedonia was born. Together with his friend VJ Lukashiva they`ve created very dark and cybernetic audio-visual act which has
been hibernated for an indefinite time. Those two played not only in great amount of clubs in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Poland. It was clear from the beginning that Vojtech will never be able to produce “normal” commercial sounds and will always be searching for something new and unheard. After a very long break, which took almost 5 years, he finally decided that it’s time to get back on stage and that it is worth it to open his studio again and squeeze the best out of him.

Bűkko Tapes: Vojtech Smetana
Bűkko Tapes: Vojtech Smetana

// ink flo (CZ)

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.