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01.08.2015 – 09.08.2015
registrace od Dubna

(copy paste z ejc2015.org)

Dear jugglers,
We have some good news for you: Despite all the difficulties in the beginning we are still expecting to have an EJC 2015! There are already a lot of motivated and committed organisers, unit managers and helpers volunteering for the EJC. Thank you! Additionally we have the full support of the town of Bruneck.
The time to prepare the event is fairly short, so we should all expect a simpler convention where everyone needs to contribute wherever possible. Please look for opportunities to help without waiting to be asked. Flexibility and community spirit will be needed more than ever. All the essential parts will be organised, though no one should expect luxury or perfection.
On this website we will try to keep you up to date about what is planned and what is not (yet) planned, then you’ll know exactly what to expect from EJC 2015. Please contact us if you can offer specific help with one of the tasks below. We especially need a dedicated coordinator and many acts for the shows taking place in the Town Hall Square. Please contact info@ejc2015.org (and please write in English or German).

This year it is especially important to ensure the financial security of the event in advance. As part of the community spirit we’d like to encourage everyone to pre-register as soon as possible. Pre-registration opens in April (exact dates will soon be announced).

Unfortunately, if not enough people pre-register the EJC will not happen. That is why we want you to know what to expect from the EJC before you pre-register. Every registration indicates that you accept and support what we are trying to achieve with this EJC.

There will be a live running total of the registrations on the website. If we don’t get enough registrations and the EJC cannot take place, everyone will get their money refunded (minus bank charges). You can also donate money to the EJC which will increase the chance of the EJC taking place .

This is the current situation (the following list will be updated regularly):

This is what the EJC 2015 will definitely offer:
All important locations directly next to each other
Two triple gyms
Campsite next to the gyms
Small aerial gym
Fire space
Plenty of toilets and showers
Parking within a short walking distance
Pre-registration from April onwards

The following aspects are already well covered, though helpers are still needed:
Stilts area
Passing zone
Acro area
Volleyclub and Jollyball
Fight Night
Games and Alternative Games
Making Of (film, TV, Internet)
Open Stages
Waste disposal
Tech (lights, sound, electricity)

The following areas still need to be covered and that is where we need you (if you are interested please contact: info@ejc2015.org)
Parade (please contact Sonja on sonja@ejc2015.org if you’d like to coordinate)
Caravan site (we need a coordinator)
Street shows: artists (to play 4-6 places in Bruneck) and someone to coordinate
Town Hall Stage: Acts for the Opening Show and other shows on the Town Hall Square (alternatively on the Kronplatz in Bruneck) and someone to coordinate.

Please contact us if you have a finished act. This could be a ‘classic’ or something new or even a really nice youth circus act. Unlike Open Stage Acts they will not just be performed in front of jugglers, but in Bruneck as a thank you for their friendly welcome to their town. Please help give something back to the local community and show off your skills. We would like to show off the best juggling and circus skills Europe has to offer. We cannot offer a fee or a free ticket, but a good convention price for everyone and catering on the day for the artists.

The following will only take place if we find people to make them happen:
Workshops (please mail sonja@ejc2015.org in English or German)
A good polished website (contents provided by us)
Media & PR
Youth Circus
Aerial coordinator
Show coordinator, stage manager and stage hands

Please also visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/EJC2015Bruneck

Volunteer meeting on 20th - 22nd March 2015. If you have any suggestions for a location please contact us.

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
JARDAK --- 11:04:30 12.8.2015
tady jeste buchetky na kolech, na gala mely vetsi pekla.

03 - Juggling on monocycles
DIGITALIS --- 7:55:59 11.8.2015
JARDAK: vida, zajímací hc... to u nas vcelku nic zase az tak extra, byla tam slecna co dava mazec balanc stage ball a k tomu par hoopu, nebo kombinuje hoop a tri micky....dale pak FreaFusionCabaret sou proste spica, ale to se vi tez uz nakej patek....a solstyx maji radi blinky vecicky a sou nejvic nejvtipnejsi.....
JARDAK --- 16:39:40 10.8.2015
jako treba ukrajinec co zongluje 4 micky jednou nohou??? jako wtf? vsichni svetovi footbagari a mistri sveta amuleta jsou od ted totalni looseri :)))

tohle predstaveni na galashow, ale po potlesku rozkopal jeste ty ctyri :))
Stanislav Vysotskyi juggling act "Tied" Dubai_June 2014
DIGITALIS --- 11:36:58 10.8.2015
a ňákej stručnej report, by náhodou nebyl? ňáký ty šproti nebo neskutečna, což? vyražené zuby a jiné veselosti?
POKERFACE --- 16:32:26 30.7.2015
JARDAK: vyhravas bludistaka :)
JARDAK --- 15:59:11 30.7.2015
_T_: myslim ze to vidim. levy sloup lanovky s delem, v dalce za nim je fotbalove hriste a v jeste vetsi dalce za nim je plac se stanama :)
_T_ --- 15:16:17 30.7.2015
Kronplatz - Bruneck / Pustertal - Blick nach Norden über das Tauferer Tal - Foto-Webcam.eu
gerf mi posilal, kdo najde sapito vyhral..ja sem neuhod
JARDAK --- 15:07:30 30.7.2015
_T_: tak to asi myslis id CONTRALUZ
_T_ --- 14:47:48 30.7.2015
SASEK: Honza z Olomóooce rikal tusim ze prijizsi pozdeji a odjizdi driv..ale nevim presne jak a nema na nej bohuzel kontakt..
JARDAK --- 14:36:49 30.7.2015
ja myslim ze vsichni tady musi jet az v nedeli rano protoze jsme objednali galashow na sobotu vecer.
SASEK --- 14:17:31 30.7.2015
zdarec, ví někdo z vás, že pojede už 7. večer bo 8. ráno zpátky do Prahy, resp. do Tábora? díkezzz
JARDAK --- 13:10:05 30.7.2015
nezapomente si vzit prezuvky do telocvicny
_T_ --- 8:51:18 30.7.2015
POKERFACE: super!...takze 15 -30 stupnu ...muze padnout v noci i na 10 :)))
_T_ --- 14:06:24 29.7.2015
Weather in Brunico, South Tyrol, weather forecast, current weather Brunico
_T_ --- 13:47:33 29.7.2015
podle toho co sem cet tak obycejny pojisteni se nevztahuje na organizovane "sportovni" akce...je tam na to nejaky pripojisteni ktery je mensi nez pripojisteni na lyze..nicmene to kazda pojistovna muze mit jinak
JARDAK --- 12:45:14 29.7.2015
ja mam pojisteni na celej rok, ale myslim ze na zonglovani by melo stacit klasicky pojisteni EU ktery je snad automaticky.. ale nevim moc..
_T_ --- 12:12:21 28.7.2015
jeste bych prispal..resite pojisteni?
ja se asi pojistim, vylohy na organizovany sportovnejsi akce se musi asi nejak pripojistit
POKERFACE --- 10:30:32 28.7.2015
Soon :)

Bruneck - Pustertal / Südtirol - Blick nach Südwesten - Foto-Webcam.eu
_T_ --- 12:39:01 24.7.2015
to jo no:) to jediny me na ejc mrzi ze mi utece space picnic:)
no nic jdu si koupit listek na cestu uzptky