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Ripperton aka Headless Ghost and Maxxi Soundsystem headlining 3rd Komiks party. This time at Sketa Freestyle park at Letna.

Ripperton aka Headless Ghost (Clone, Innervisions, Tamed Musiq, CH)
Maxxi Soundsystem (Moda Black, Hypercolour, UK)
Schwa, Lumiere, Fatty M and their guests

OKO3 - 3D mapping
Hynek Polak - Refresh Your Trash exhibition
Tomas Vavricek - Kostka (Chemistry Gallery)
Michal Skapa (Chemistry Gallery)
Graffiti Wall
and much more

Start: 7PM
Finish: very very late

Powerfull Soundsystem, Decorations, Art Installations and more fun then ever.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1493934614223254/


With an artist name derived from the legendary soul singer Minnie Riperton, it’s crystal clear everything is based around soul for Raphael Gros aka Ripperton aka Headless Ghost.

Mid-noughties, Ripperton gained massive attention through his his Lazy Fat People project releasing on labels such as Border Community, Planet E, and Wagon Repair. It was in that very same period when Ripperton made his breakthrough as solo artist with an almost endless run of releases topped with a series of high profile remixes. From immersive techno to refined house, Ripperton adds a newfound sense of introspection to electronic house and techno music.

In 2010 the long awaited debut album 'Niwa' is released on Green. Ripperton’s debut album dips you into a bathtub filled with organic sounds and beautiful melodies. By the end of 2011, Ripperton shows his compositional talent on the mini album 'Lost in Colours', released on Systematic. In between these two projects Ripperton collaborates with Deetron and they deliver the outstanding ‘Depth Frame’ EP on Music Man. The Swiss duo even takes it a step further by creating Roots Panorama releasing ‘Threee’ on Versatile. In 2013 Ripperton releases another album ‘A Little Part Of Shade’ on Green. The LP’s multiple programmed rhythms loosely mimic a more natural world and see’s him work alongside a variety of artists. The thirteen tracks reflect Ripperton his approach to electronic music production, song writing attitude, and the sense of poignant delivery that extends the purview of techno clubs. The high standard of his releases doesn’t go unnoted by other artists leading up to remixes for Baikal (‘Why don’t ya” which turned into a club hit), Debukas, Robert Babicz or the more indie bands such as Lowb (Andy Barlow) and Samaris. The same year Ripperton returns with his Headless Ghost guise. A side project, making its way to the forefront, devoted to hardware and analogue recordings.

2014 turns out to be the next exciting year in Ripperton his career with signings on Innervisions (“Unfold” on Secret Weapons 6) and Cocoon (“Wet Dreams” on Cocoon Compilation N). Furthermore his side project with Deetron, ‘Roots Panorama’, delivers the first release on Deetron’s own imprint ‘Character’. As Headless Ghost, Ripperton has a series of EP’s ready for Clone Royal Oak.

It is not only as a DJ/producer that Ripperton has his grip on the electronic scene, but he also runs ‘Tamed Musiq’ which is an intimate imprint with no rules nor borders and home to a series of groundbreaking EP's. From 2006 to 2012, Ripperton also ran the infamous Perspectiv stamp, which has been put on hold for the time being.

Over the last few years the Brighton-based artist has risen up the ranks to become one of the most sought-after performers on the international circuit, clocking up an impressive list of club and festival appearances that continues to grow by the week. In tandem with his DJ career, his club focused productions have been signed to a number of influential and highly regarded labels including Defected, Hypercolour, Moda Black and Maceo Plex’s Ellum Audio. On the remix front he has produced his own twist for artists such as Hercules & Love Affair and 2 Bears over the past few years.
Forthcoming releases / remixes are confirmed for late 2014 / 2015 on Culprit, Need Want and Futureboogie.

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SCHWA --- 15:51:33 12.11.2014
Indepth - Deetron & Ripperton