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>>>Documents and short movies supported by electronic music all night long

19:00 - 21:00

Darwin's Nightmare - Hubert Sauper (2004) 105min
The larger scope of the story explores the gun trade to Africa that takes place under the covers -- Russian pilots fly guns into Africa, then fly fish back out to Europe. The hazards and consequences of this trade are explored, including the pan-African violence propagated by constant flow of weapons into the continent. If it is a "survival of the fittest" world, as Darwin concluded, then the capitalist interests that fund the gun runners are climbing the evolutionary ladder on the backs of the Africans in this stark Darwinian example. Much like the foreseeable extinction of the Lake Victoria perch, and death of Lake Victoria itself, the Africans are in grave jeopardy, even as they survive in the only ways they know how.

21:00 - 03:00

ATWAR live



Kostnice - Jan Svankmajer (1970) 10min
Plavba kolem Kostnice Sedlec, která byla postavena z více než 50.000 lidských koster

IInvocation Of My Demon Brother - Kenneth Anger (1969) 11min
Experimental short, featuring strobe-like homoerotic imagery with several shots of the Rolling Stones in performance and an original synthesizer score by Mick Jagger

Lucifer Rising - Kenneth Anger (1973) 28 min
Perhaps Anger's most elaborate film takes place at various historically "magic" spots in Egypt, England and Germany. The odd rock-tinged soundtrack pulls viewers through a series of obsessively staged and hauntingly realized ceremonies, movements and rituals. Experimental editing techniques, mixed with more traditional cinematic structures, add to the eerie and compelling visual quality of this avant-garde masterpiece.

The meaning of life - Don Hertzfeldt (2005) 12min
An astonishing film with ideas that could not be expressed in any other way than animation. In simplest terms, The meaning of life views life develop on Earth from simple creatures to humankind to the further evolved mutants that arise following our extinction.


Anima Mundi - Godfrey Reggio (1992) 28min
The film was produced to celebrate the World Wildlife Fund's Biological Diversity Campaign. The film combines images of nature with pulsing rhythms in a Microcosmos (1997) meets Koyaanisqatsi (1983) spectacle.

Evidence - Godfrey Reggio (1995) 8min
We sit and observe a group of children watching television. What they are watching is not known, but the expressions on their faces speak volumes. It shows how people are literally transfixed by what they see on screen and how, at such an early age, television is such a powerful thing.

Open Your Mind (Mezame no hakobune) (2005) 35min
The plot of Open Your Mind follows the extraterrestrial origin of life, coming from outerspace as six deities (Intermission act), evolving into water (Sho-ho) then emerging to the air (Hyakkin) and to the ground (Ku-nu). Each one of these creatures rules one of the six elements of the godai philosophy, i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Wind (referred to as kaze in the Hyakkin chant), Sky and Consciousness (referred to as "Awakening" in the movie's title).

Wachsexperimente - Wax Experiments (1923-27) 11min
For the production of this film, Oskar Fischinger tinted various layers of hot wax. After cooling, the resulting lump of wax resembled a marble cake. Fischinger then began to cut off slices from the lump, photographing each step.

L' Araignéléphant (1967) 10min

C-o-M-e A-n-D e-N-j-O-y

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