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TLAOTLON (NZ/Trensmat), Střed Světa, White Wigwam

Red For Colour Blind X-messy party with TLAOTLON (NZ) https://www.facebook.com/Tlaotlon https://soundcloud.com/tlaotlon STŘED SVĚTA (CZ) ht


TLAOTLON is Jeremy Coubrough’s solo electronic project. Originally from Wellington, now living in in Melbourne, Tlaotlon music is a vivid digital psychedelia, where maximalist webs of interrythmic post-Detroit Techno merge with a more plastic sensibility that combines an interest in both cosmic and domestic futurisms. Tlaotlon records have been released by Trensmat, Dungeon Taxis and Epic Sweep, and most recently a 7” on VAUVA, the label of Jan Anderzén (Kemialliset Ystävät /Tomutonttu). “Many of his tracks sound like two or three different dance cuts playing on turntables simultaneously, and progressively build in energy until they struggle to stay in balance like mile-high gyroscopes dipping in and out of the clouds and crackling with lightning. (...) They evaporate to give way to a throbbing workshop of percussion, sacred intonations and templar chords, realised in incredible detail.” (Adam Harper, Dummy)


STŘED SVĚTA is situated somewhere between the outer reaches of Prague suburbia and the world, making music as a part of his quotidian activities for more than a decade. A self-professed misanthrope, who doesn’t mind company, delves deeper into the recesses of his aural memory to recontextualize influences ranging from German rave to IDM, but transgressing and subverting any genre-based limitations, utilizing a deliberate “slap-dash” modus operandi. An expression that is like controlled stream of consciousness, a lysergic trip through deeper recesses of one’s mind, with distant melodies, detours and rythmic delineations.

+ special after set by:

A meditative fisher. Minimalist trance. Split tape with French Klaus Legal (2013) and more to come...

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