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Beef showcase: Kuba Sojka live, Tom Holic and more

Hudebni Workshop + Mejdan // Kuba Sojka Live, Tom Holic live, Dj Schwa, Vik

Workshop starts at 7pm
Party starts at 10pm

WORKSHOP with Kuba Sojka and Tom Holic about music production, synthesis, kaosspad, sampling, drum machines and live performances starts at 7pm sharp. Symbolic 50CZK entry for all registered music enthusiasts. RSVP via contact@beefrecords.net


Kuba Sojka is a young producer, live performer and musician from Mysłowice, Poland. 2007 is the year when his first musical experiments were presented under the pseudonym Psi-Acoustic. Two years later, he began his career making music under his real name and creating detroit techno, deep house and acid house. This led-him-on to collaborate with legendary Detroit label, Matrix Records. His continued music production has focused on collaboration with the Chicago Mathematics Recordings label, which presents his more jazzy and soulful face. Kuba often works with Minimalsoul Recordings as well as London based Souliner Records. The wide range of music that Kuba provides in his performances gives him the ability to improvise, which displays his live and dynamic persona and is appreciated by a variety of audiences. Kuba is one of the leading representatives of the Polish electronic music scene that presents his music outside of Polish clubs and festivals.

Supported by: Tom Holic live, Dj Schwa, Vik

This events is supported by Institut Polski and Club Mate. Brought to you by Beef records.

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