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Chmara Winter (Pets records, Poland)
Click Joe (MUAH)
Dj Schwa (Shades of Gray, Beef)
Ark (Be At:)

Thanks to the perfect fusion of the experience and the solid theoretical background, Chmara Winter have achieved the strong position in shaping both the Polish and the international underground music scene. On one hand there is Bartłomiej Chmara, an outstanding composer, the arranger, music producer and guitarist, who successfully works in the area of contemporary music. On the other hand there is Winter, an audio & video producer, an active DJ, a graduate in sound engineering, having mastered his skills in the reputable SAE Institute of London. The effectiveness and talent have taken the career of Chmara Winter high above the level of mediocreness and bought the duo many dedicated fans all around the world. Now we have the perfect chance to see this duo perform live in Prague for our small but very open minded audience of electronic music enthusiasts!

On the support duties we have a very passionate vinyl lover and MUAH! festival organiser Dj Click Joe who recently moved from Brno to the magic city Prague. We also shouldn't forget to mention Dj Schwa from Shades of Gray and Ark representing the true underground sound of the BE AT: events. We also put a strong emphasis on the visual side of things. This time we will have a special mapping VJ show by Ondrej Sevcik from Motionocean.org.

BE AT: is supported by our favourite drink Club Mate, Polski Institut Praha and of course Beef records! Please register yourself at contact@beefrecords.net for a cheaper entry.

Coming up next at Beef records parties: Kuba Sojka, Sean Roman, StelR, Joyce Muniz and much more!

BE AT: with

Chmara Winter (Poland)
Click Joe (MUAH)
Dj Schwa (Shades of Gray, Beef)
Ark (Be At:)

Plus Undergound bar stage by Funk'd Up!

EL-B (Ghost Recordings, UK)
Denoir (Funk'd Up)
Dryman (Funk'd Up)
BLQ (Boombap)
DSCDRMR (142 bpm)

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