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Společnost Geewa pořádá první videoherní Hackathon v ČR

Prague, 18th December 2012
Geewa will host the first major games hackathon in Czech Republic. The goal is to give ambitious and talented games developers and artists a chance to show their original mobile and browser games projects. Geewa Games Hackathon will take place on 8.-10. February 2013 and it will host up to 40 developers who will strive to get a shot at cash prizes and a chance to join Geewa.
Hackathons have been held in Czech Republic in the past, but the Geewa Games Hackathon will be first of its kind – fully dedicated to games, in this case mobile and browser games. Geewa opens registration today for teams who can apply for 40 spots on the competition. There is a single goal: create a game prototype. Participants can choose whichever platform and tools, the only boundary is a set of principles the games must follow – they have to be Casual, Competitive and made for Mobile or Browser.
Geewa Games Hackathon is open to everyone from Czech Republic and neighboring countries. The event will take place at Geewa`s Prague office and participants coming from out of town will be provided with accommodation for the duration of the event. Food and drinks will be provided on the spot to enable the teams to focus purely on their game prototype. Geewa personnel will be present on-site to provide support and mentoring to the participants.

Mini webpage: http://www.geewa.com/hackathon/
Registration link: https://docs.google.com/a/geewa.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFBzdXNBSmttMGVmQWRXVGVka3lVSFE6MQ

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SHADY127 --- 8:05:33 8.2.2013
neviem ci je to docasne, ale to IIS-ko na geewa.com linku dava "HTTP Error 403.14 - Forbidden"