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Passive Aggressive hc/punk croatia Ljubisa Samardzic anarcho-hc/punk

Ljubisa Samardzic is a DIY anarchist crusty punk band filled up with 100%
activistic lyrics with members who used to play in numerous well known punk
bands in the past such as AK47. They've got two LP's out already,and here's
some links for their music:


Passive Aggressive is a young DIY hardcore punk band that's got a album out
two years ago and since then played numerous times around Croatia and
Slovenia and finally feel prepared to hit the rest of Europe. We will hit
the studio before the tour, in the meanwhile here's a info tape for you to
listen from a rehersal so you can get a preview on what you are going to hear.


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AHJA --- 12:02:35 5.12.2012
škooooda škoooda, vždycky se s něčím dobrým krejem
PULECEK --- 19:14:18 4.12.2012
Bohuzel uz mam domluveny hc v cross:-(