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Benito (Bass Federation) und Kestin Cross Club


zpěvák, kytarista, dj a producent Benito známý z projektů Bojitos (reggae, Munich) a Bass Federation (dubstep / Berlin) prijizdi s novym projektem

Benito ud Kestin bio

A new Rap-Generation is rising in Germany: The promising duo from Munich and Berlin is called Benito & Kestin.
Their debut album “Schwerelos” was published in May and impresses with it’s broad diversity:
HipHop mixed with Pop and Reggae elements gives the songs their own special Sound.
Julian alias Kestin and Bene alias Benito got to know each other during their courses at a music academy.
After following their own paths with different band- and solo-projects around Europe for several years,
they decided to work together. Since about a year now Benito & Kestin is a talented Newcomer-Act who enthuses
the audience and makes it craving for more.

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