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IMPERIALISTIC NIGHT (Ray Keith (UK), MC Freestyle (UK), Vargas (PL), Basetix Unity Rich), Break Stage (Stanzim, Brada, Kaplick)

Ray Keith http://www.myspace.com/djraykeith MC Freestyle (UK) http://www.myspace.com/mcfreestyle

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ELESDY --- 13:02:26 7.1.2009
to už je asi 50.akce na leden v crossu to ma mesic tak moc dni nebo co? :DD
OMRI --- 12:47:20 7.1.2009
Well yea it is a difficult situation, on both sides extremists are governing and civilians r suffering.. Lets hope seize fire will happen soon..
None the less I still think the design of the flayer damages achieving a peaceful or constrictive discussion..
LORENZO --- 19:47:00 6.1.2009
its hard political satirae like everytime
LORENZO --- 19:43:28 6.1.2009
Now are killing civiliens in Gaza, by state and his army, not by any gangster, wich are living unfortunately in Gaza. I dont agree with terrorist action, but if in my street will living terorist, i dont agree with bombard my part of city by any other state... They must find any other solution. If I know, that in Karlovy Vary living rusian mafia, I never wil bombart part of this city. We never see exidence, that the people, who are killing are terrorists. I can see killing people, childern.....
Next thing is, that Palestine was occupied and still is not state....
Stop killing civilians on both sides. Strip speaking about situation in Gaza now.....

sry my eng
CURLYLOCK --- 12:06:11 6.1.2009
agree with omri, this thing is really not black and white..
OMRI --- 0:17:36 3.1.2009
just a small comment on the flayer:
Firstly it looks as a Nazi propagation and secondly is extremely one sided; I dont think the killing of any civilians is right, but the killing of Israeli civilians slowly but surely by the hamas is one half of the problem..
AKISAN --- 17:02:21 2.1.2009
Tohle bude vyborny!!!