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nejlepší polský reggae producent a remixer

Ostravsky sound Coltcha united si tentokrát pozval polskou reggae producentskou špičku Dreadsquad ss

Dále zahrají domácí Item ala Playa(2.3.) a Martin Dee( NUSKOOLBREAKS.CZ) ve specialním raggabreakbeat setu:)

Dreadsquad - riddims, mashups and remixes straight from Poland
Dreadsquad – producer/DJ duo created in Lodz in 2001 and consisting of Marek Bogdanski (Selecta MMF: DJ, producer, graphic designer, promoter) and Lukasz Rodziewicz (DJ Funksion). In 2003 and 2004 they won the Polish Sound Clash.
They have cooperated with the cream of the Polish reggae and hip hop scene. So far Dreadsquad instrumentals have been used by such artists as Marika, East West Rockers, Ras Luta, Junior Stress, Kacezet, Natural Dread Killaz, O.S.T.R., Pablopavo, Reggaenerator, Tede, Numer Raz, Grubson and many more.
They have also worked with many European and Jamaican reggae artists (e.g. Ward 21, Tenor Fly, Top Cat, General Levy, U Brown, Milion Stylez, Lady Chann, Tipa Irie, Jah Mason, Perfect, Dr Ring Ding)
Apart from hundreds of gigs in Poland, they have also performed in many European countries (including Portugal, Holland, England, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania) as well as the USA (New York, Miami and Chicago) and Canada (Toronto).
Dreadsquad’s songs and gigs are the fusion of reggae, dancehall, ska, rocksteady and hip-hop. The duo freely mixes genres, plays with sounds and bases their music on deep bass and broken rhythm. They often combine Jamaican music with modern sounds of Breakbeat, Jungle, Dubstep and Garage.
According to the musicians themselves, their music – being energetic and lively – is made for dancing and having fun. And they are right. Go to one of their gigs and you will surely hit the dance floor. Music is their passion, hobby, way of life and it shows.
So far Dreadsquad have released four mixtapes, two full-length producers albums and many vinyl singles which made it into the top of the best dj-shops in Europe.
Dreadsquad’s mash ups can be always found in the record cases of such pieoneers of the genre as J Star, Upstate Rockers, Mr Blennd or even Daddy G [Massive Attack]. They are among a few Polish artists who have been bootlegged abroad - two of their mash ups have been released as 7” single of the unknown origin.


Producers albums:

-Kacezet & Dreadsquad - Stara szkola / Superfly Studio 2009
-Dreadsquad & V.A. - Dread za dreadem / Wielkie Joł 2005

Singles / EP / Remixes:
-Dreadsquad & Natalie Storm – Beat that Chest / Superfly Studio 2011 / 12”
-Dreadsquad & V.A – Sleng Teng International Riddim / Superfly Studio 2011 / Digital Download
-Dreadsquad & Kasia Malenda – Soulfly EP / Superfly Studio 2011 / Digital Download
-Dreadsquad & Lady Chann – Island Lovin / Superfly Studio 2011 / 12”
-Turntable Dubbers feat Brother Culture – Get Lively / Dreadsquad Rmx / Cast-a-Blast 2011
-Dreadsquad feat Tenor Fly - Sweet Thing / Superfly Studio 2011 / 12”
-Dreadsquad - Question Riddim (Jah Mason, Ward 21, Dr Ring Ding, Cheeba, Shabu & Rebelion, Jr Banton & Mandingo, Tom Hype) / Germaican Records 2011 / Digital Download
-Dreadsquad feat. Ward 21 / Lady Chann - Jump & Skip / Money ah dem God / Superfly Studio 2010 / 12"
-Dreadsquad - Screw Dem Riddim (Million Stylez, Top Cat, General Levy, Lady Chann, Mr. Perfect, Tippa Irie) / African Beat 2010 / 4 x 7”
-Dreadsquad - Caravan Remixes / Superfly Studio 2010 / 12"
-Dreadsquad - Mash-ups - 7" bootleg / Diamond Records 2008/ 7"
-Dreadsquad & Papa Zura - PLay that blend vol.2 / PLay that blend 2007 / 12"
-Dreadsquad & Dj Twister - PLay that blend vol.1 / PLay that blend 2006 / 12"


-Dreadsquad - Is back in town / Mixtape 2007
-Dreadsquad - WySOCA Temperatura / Mixtape 2004
-Dreadsquad - Raggamafia - Mixtape 2004
-Dreadsquad - Na dobry początek - Mixtape 2003

Dreadsquad Riddims also appeared at:

-Chvaściu – Moje korzenie
-Collie Herb – Jede Tag EP
-East West Rockers – EastWest.FM
-Longfingah – Cityoptian Spirit
-Breff – More than meets the eye
-Majorr – Antikings
-Ras Luta - Jeśli słyszysz
-Junior Stress - L.S.M
-East West Rockers - Jedyna broń
-Marika - Plenty
-Natural Dread Killaz - Naturalnie
-Banda Tre - Banda tre
-Olsen/Fu - Kameleon
-V.A. - 12 Ławek

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
PAYAMAN --- 16:26:32 6.9.2012
PAYAMAN --- 16:25:49 6.9.2012
svuj reggae dance set predvede take producent a dj z dvoiky.troiky Item ala playa:)) na to se moc tesime:))
PAYAMAN --- 16:25:09 6.9.2012
Martin Dee si střihne ragga breakbeat, kalba bude mocna:))
HATORI --- 10:55:21 30.8.2012
MC KUDLACZ na majku podpoří MMF