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Ecclesia audiovisual performance and app release

Swedish-born electronica artist Forss, AKA founder and CTO of SoundCloud Eric Wahlforss, has revealed that his new album Ecclesia will be released on June 2nd.

Ecclesia is an album of music whose core inspiration is the church and was created by Wahlforss, Leo Lass of the Viennese audio-visual team Depart and Marcel Schobel, CGI artist of app developer team Untouch.FM. Commenting on the album, Wahlforss stated: "To me there is something magical about choir music in particular. It is untouchable - a higher art form that I have never been able to practice myself. It has a very strong emotional impact on me in general. It is the music I regard the highest."

Alongside the album, there will also be an iPad app - launched on May 2nd - which draws the user into a digital world of sculptures and scenes of intuitive album art which can be travelled through and around, with the journey having subtle effects on the music and vice versa.

The music is a mix of two sources of raw material: the first, which makes up the main palette of sound, consists of recordings of strings, choirs and organ played during church concerts as well as ambient noise created by the congregants; the second is the sample bank of noises made by wooden, stone and metal objects recorded in church that make up beats and percussion. Check out tracks 'Introitus' and 'Voca Nomen Tuum' below. 

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.