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26.3.: FATHER MURPHY (it) & No Pavarotti (cz) v pr


Jsou dobré kapely, které přesto stačí vidět živě jednou, a pak kapely, které vás hravě sfouknou jako sirku a potřeba znovu je vidět hraničí se závislo

Italské trio si v rockové hudbě (v tom nejširším pojetí) našlo svoje zvláštní zákoutí, v němž sice na první pohled neoslňují v trendy publikacích tolik proklamovaným křiklavým pseudo-novátorstvím, ale nenápadně posluchače omámí až k bodu, kdy si uvědomí, že vlastně nic podobného nikdy neslyšel. Jejich religiozně pojatý projev (jež může být stejně dobře jak sarkastickou manýrou, tak skutečnou duši rvoucí litanií) se silným zpěvem a rafinovanými aranžemi (ruchy, varhany, nespočet zvonků, dronové plochy) tvrdě naráží na brutálně zemitý noise rock či post punk, kde hrají prim surové údery. Protentokrát se vzdám vlastních popisných referencí, spokojím se s citací o „zřejmě podivném pokusu o koncepční album o náboženství, kde teda rozhodně najdete temné zlověstné skladby, co se plazí, kroutí a syčí jako pověstný biblický had“ a posledních tří reakcí z jejich last.fm profilu. Není divu, že Michael Gira nebo Julian Cope jsou z Father Murphy na větvi. Radši si je ale poslechněte sami, bude to nejlepší.

„I've been on shitloads of experimental concerts in my life, but their was one of the top ones on my list. Extremely exciting music! Can't wait to see them once again today“

„(Swans + This Heat)^avant-folk = Father Murphy“

„Incredible stuff!“


No Pavarotti se k Father Murphy hodí nejen svou „italštinou“, ale především proto, že jejich psychedelická zvuková vize je nyní víc než kdy jindy blíž jisté sakrální rovině a také analogovému purismu; atributy v jejich podání jinak nepříliš vzdálené například Coil. Duo k!amm a Rouilleux změnilo nástrojové obsazení, nyní orientované víc na klávesy než struny, má za sebou bezprostředně účast na kompilaci Dada Acta, vystoupení u striptérské tyče v motorkářském klubu a do budoucna v rukávu připravenou skvělou nahrávku.

26.3.2012 od 20:00 za 150 v pražském Finalu (Příběnická 8).

"Listeners both casual and commited are left scratching their heads and poring over yelllowing mailorder catalogues for vague points of reference: is it a glue-fugged Silver Mt.Zion? Bardo Pond plundering Jarboe back catalogue? Goblin unwittingly transplanted into sylph-like bodies of whichever troupe of pretty young indie things are currently setting taste-making blogs alight?"

Father Murphy is an Italian trio comprised of Reverend freddie Murphy (vocals, guitar), Chiara Lee (vocals, keyboards, chinese percussions) and Vittorio Demarin (drums, viola, vocals). Born in Treviso, northern Italy, from the ashes of freddie’s several previous musical projects, Father Murphy with just one album and a plethora of ep’s and limited releases became one of the most mysterious and enigmatic musical entities coming out of Italy. If their first album Six Musicians getting unknown was still somewhat rooted in twisted psychedelic pop and sounded vaguely related to Os Mutantes and Italian psych pop masters Jennifer Gentle, the new record is a bold statement and a significant step ahead - out of every familiar musical genre and right into the darkness. Recorded in San Crisostomo in Bombanella church between the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008, And He told us to turn to the sun maybe was born like a rather weird attempt to a concept album about religion, but surely sounds like a collection of dark, foreboding songs that crawl and twist and hiss like that old biblical serpent.

Think of Gnostic masses, kabbalistic chanting, chiming little bells, tinny Gregorian-like drones played on toy-keyboards and the subtle but inescapable influence of 70’s Italian horror rock acts like Jacula and you will have some of the ingredients that make Father Murphy’s music. Add a good deal of lunacy and enough humour to keep the gloom away (just because you cannot take yourself that seriously) and the album is here, in all its strangely beguiling simplicity. Song after song, from the initial semi-pop outburst of “We were colonists” to ascetic, almost medieval atmospheres of Go Sinister, the entire lp feels like a truly different, warped experience. Think of Alan Sparhawk’s Low doing versions of Twilight furniture from This Heat or Milk it from Nirvana. When the final, 10-minutes mastodon “In their graves” creeps in with all the agility of a primordial doom-metal beast slowly sucked in a prehistoric swamp, everything comes full circle: an uneasy, compelling, furiously heretic yet sandblasted in Catholicism little album that could come only out of Italy.

“Compliments to Michael Gira for pointing Dream Magazine in the direction of this intriguing Italian psychedelic outfit. Lumpy and smooth lurching uneven constructions suffused with oblique passions and simmering intensity. As the title aptly indicates there\’s a vaguely sinister quality to the music these folks make. Even the lighter moments have a slightly uneasy nightmarish undertone to them, but in a completely natural and unforced way. A mix of male and female vocalists, loudness and subtlety, and a wide range of stylistic influences blended into something quite unique. Though they sing everything in English they have a distinctively Italian feeling. In a world of cookie-cutter imitators, it\’s very refreshing to find something so disturbingly and provocatively unique. These folks also sent along a great CD-R of their upcoming album \”…And He Told Us to Turn to the Sun\” which is perhaps even more intense, edgy and fascinating than Do the Sinister. This is definitely a band to keep an eye and ear open for.” Dream Magazine review by George Parsons

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GULDUR --- 11:12:12 23.3.2012
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