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Galeria Epicentrum w Jastrzębie-Zdrój

Walking along the city street I am passing by the pictured acoustics of the world. Everything is moving but the community is not going any direction.The phenomenon of agglomeration’s fullness emphasizes the metaphysical emptiness of the individual.Big neon and billboards are becoming the visual distinctive feature of the ‘free world’.The freedom understood this way makes that the cities made of glass and cast iron are deprived of the rule, cities fabricate glamour. A human being who is closed in such a reality becomes the part of the crowd that  exists at all costs, the crowd that imposes on others its rights that has been born in cafes.Walking along the citi street I am getting the Heraclitus’ premonition: “There is not truth where the crowd gathers”. By this way, the painting thread comes: autentic reality does exist but the present day is separated from it by the glass. The glass is almost clear and invisible, what makes that the world surrounding is perceived as an illusion.
Deliberations above are becoming the reason of formal paiting searching: the glass builds a plane surface and delimits matematical directions of division and rhythm in a plainly put spot. The visual organization of  the spot by the line ‘module’, letters and spots integrates a human being with  a city. The paintings are concentrated around a compositional axis and this formal rule is the effort of fiding the integration of the world. The glass is creating refle(ctions)xes, it causes that the spectrum of city streets does not have to be a chaotic breakdown.The illusion of reality may be crossed, scanned, seen trough,  penetrated...
The series is creating from paradox: from the critical view of the present day world, from the intellectus shape of the human being and from the delight on the ‘ill’ beauty of the spectrums that are being watched trough  the glass windows. 

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