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Dinner at Bar Polo, before heading to Husitska - let me know it you want to come and we'll make the reservation! =) THE VENUE'S CHANGED - CLOSE TO

Come for dinner and start New Year's eve with friends and food! =)

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IN_DIE --- 22:50:05 31.12.2011
luxusní žraso to bylo:)díky..
DUBPRINCESS --- 20:41:55 31.12.2011
am sorry, i cant make even even dat. no pub, no hus, home is home :) too noisy outside there for me...
MARSELKA --- 17:52:58 31.12.2011
We are sorry as well, we can t make it at 7 ... See u guys later at Hus :)
CODESHIFT --- 17:51:42 31.12.2011
Come at 7 =)
CRAZYHBO --- 14:20:34 31.12.2011
im sorry..classic problem with money..see ya at Hus..
MIHAAL --- 20:22:30 30.12.2011
what time is recommended to come? really at seven or later?
PIXY --- 15:42:08 28.12.2011
thanx for invitation but family rulez ;) see you in hus after midnight
DUBPRINCESS --- 22:17:40 27.12.2011
CODESHIFT: :( not many vegetarian meals at dat new venue... actually just only one...
MIHAAL --- 21:15:31 27.12.2011
CODESHIFT: looks very nice!
CODESHIFT --- 21:00:42 27.12.2011
Venue's changed... check the new place... really close to the hill above Hus for fireworks...
CRAZYHBO --- 17:38:58 27.12.2011
DA_ANDRACKA: a fireshow at Zizkovsky pamatnik is horrible..fuck it!
_AGI_ --- 16:47:50 27.12.2011
Thank you for your invitation, it´s really good idea! Bud finally I have to working...So have a great time!!
DA_ANDRACKA --- 16:25:13 27.12.2011
Jef, I was thinking it will be dinner at your or our place...but when I see the planty of people who wanna come - its better to do it in pizzeria:)

What time U guess?
1) after dinner we go to see some fireworks and after middnight to Husitska or 2) dinner - husitska - fireworks at Zizkovsky pamatnik above Husitska and after agin back to husitska? :)
MIHAAL --- 16:11:01 27.12.2011
let's book the whole place, bring the sound system and keep on ravin' until sunday night! :)
CRAZYHBO --- 12:51:58 27.12.2011
good idea!!!