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@ Cross, Plynarni 23, P6

YT & Mr. Williamz (UK), Damalistik aka Roots Survival, Mr.Cocoman, Peeni Walli

21:00 --- Peeni Walli Sound ls. MC Cocoman
23:00 --- Damalistik AKA Roots Survival Sound ls. YT & MR. WILLIAMZ (UK)


Described as the „Slim Shady“ of the reggae world, Mark „YT“ Hull has gone from strength to strength since his debut album was released back in 2006 and „Straight Outta Britain“ offered the world a glimpse at the reggae scene in the UK.

His 2nd album „Born Inna Babylon“ proved to be an instant hit and a worthy follow-up to his 1st. Produced at various studios in the UK, Jamaica, Germany, Poland and Sweden with guest spots from veteran sound effects man Joe Lickshot, Daddy Freddy, R&B chanteuse Shola Ama and the regular Curtis Lynch Jnr crew, the album is bursting with energy and ideas. Musically, YT and the crew are saturated in the dancehall and sound system culture, the riddims drawing on vintage sounds for their inspiration with new heavyweight licks of classics such as Rumours and Police In Helicopter.

His tunes offer something for everyone, be that reggae, dancehall, roots or pop, and his lyrics are not only sublime but also in keeping with the positive message that reggae portrays. He is a versatile artist who has upset the stereo type of ‘If it’s not Jamaican, it’s not Reggae’.

In 2010 YT ventured into uncharted territory with the Drum & Bass remix of „Dub Plate“ on Necessary Mayhem by Benny Page (Digital Sound Boy) and the forth coming remixes of „Born Inna Babylon“ on Run Tingz Recordings. Working closely with the up and coming label and The Run Tingz Cru, YT has licensed a remix of his reggae anthem „Hustler“ and is currently in the studio working on further projects.


Mr. Williamz

Micah Williams a.k.a Mr Williamz first ever live stage performance was at the tender age of 8 on the local sound system in his community, it was a clash (lyrical competition) of which he was crowned winner this inspired him to begin writing lyrics. Returning to London at age 16 he and his younger began setting up a small sound system,recording specials onto tape/cassette and then getting them cut onto steelplates creating their own dubplates.

Emerging onto the reggae scene in 2008 with his debut single „Babylon in Helicopter“ (Produced by Necessary Mayhem) which reached No1 in the U.S singles charts, No2 in the German reggae charts and charted No 15 in the German reggae charts of the year 2008. This lead to Mr.Williamz being honored by the BBC as the UK artiste of the year 2008.

He has since released follow up singles such az „No Cigarette“ which features on The Biggest Reggae Anthems 2009 (Greensleeves CD). and „Real General“ which reached No 1 in Japan singles charts only weeks after being released, other tracks include „Better Meds“ with Tony Curtis & „London“ both on the JAM1 riddim and getting good rotation worldwide.

Having toured Central America (Costa Rica – Panama) and many countries in Europe, Mr.Williamz iz fast proving to be one of the most promising reggae/dancehall artiste out of London, UK.

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