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dear tourists would you come back from Praha with something to tell ? Have you got friends ? Do they usually believe or just listen to what you say ? Waiting of the edge of something? This evening at Klub Final was especially disigned for your revival curiosity about puzzle of nature and foreign abnormalities of summer.These smiling depoliticized experimental musicians are some coalmen.They just prepare your ears for close winters.Enjoy Praha, enjoy Europa

Hello from a simple-minding country of Freedom, Human Rights and blabla.Romano Krzych (Paris, France) tries to produce the poorest solution as he can, and haveswallow his lyrical feelings to listen to the facts and rumor.Over whispers,larsens, no-sens noises and furtiv shouts are floating some lumps of "music",some ghost of melody.The main thing flirts with acid noises and repressed cruelty of waiting the End of Something. No dance, no sex, no clue of humor.Not funny.
Mix-Table/feedbacks/ dictaphone / voices / some lost false prophetic words / few guitar sometimes http://soundcloud.com/romano-krzych

Jorge Boehringer: Core of the Coal Man (feedback driven yodel triggers/carnastic arrays). "Core of the Coal Man does whatever he wants to. He'll be combining feedback-driven yodel triggers, descending tympanic pressures implying sexual interface, and (probably) extended upwardly mobile Carnasitic arrays, with ornaments. Its like the blurred fossil record of a biological crises during a time of intense geological speed. Know what I mean, man? its Ordovician noise. The invitations went out like 648 million years ago, it was old school. You still haven't showed up. I miss you now but I wasn't there either. Now is a time for reconcilliations

Negative friend cz

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