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120 dB with David Bowles, Schwa, Alex Douche, Lucas Hulan at the YES! Club

120dB (Loud & Clear) @ YES! CLUB

David Bowles (120 dB resident, France)
Lucas Hulan (Nightphunk, Roxy Prague)
DJ Schwa (Shades Of Gray, Beef Records, Sydney)
Alex Douche (Just Like That, Russia)

CzechoFrench Dj David Bowles presents the second edition of his already infamous 120 dB night at the YES! club in Prague. You can expect another bouncy night full of great music, crazy people, nice girls and great wine.
It’s gonna be steaming hot so leave your jacket at home and make sure you bring a second t-shirt and a bathing suit.
The sound system is so loud and clear that you will forget all your troubles and dance away your new sneakers (and probably have wet dreams about it later).
Solid grooves will be served on the rocks by Jean Paul de Bowles, Schwa Beef Punk Rocket, Lucas Hulanda Senior and Alexandre Spasiba Douche.
We are giving you an extra hour for dinner with your Mum and Dad , so doors open at 11pm.
Surprisingly Girls get in free till midnight!

When: 28th May 2011

Where: Yes! Club, Deminka Palace, Škrétova, 112000 Praha

What time: 11pm

How much: 90 Czk (zgirls free till midnight)

Web: www.yesclub.cz

Why: Because House Music is good for your fitness!!!

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
ALI --- 21:22:31 27.5.2011
proc nemate na plakatu tohle? ten co jsem videl, je des a bes!
SCHWA --- 14:06:52 17.5.2011
NOIK --- 17:54:34 16.5.2011
SCHWA --- 13:28:30 16.5.2011
;)) doufam, ze se stavis mimino!
MIMINO --- 12:27:27 16.5.2011
...slusna fotka :)) hlavne schwacko je tam ruller nejvetsi :D