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**dress code***
Vstup volny/ Free entrance

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BIKROS --- 8:50:19 21.3.2011
to OLIVE: Thanks, it was good at all. Good party with very goog music. Unfortunately i had to get out early, because of work :)
OLIVE --- 12:11:56 17.3.2011
BIKROS: dont worry u wont be alone :)
BIKROS --- 13:55:54 16.3.2011
How is really meant "dress code"? I dont want to be alone in jacket :)
EVACEK --- 11:57:07 9.3.2011
OLIVE: I forgot :D ok :)
OLIVE --- 11:32:06 9.3.2011
EVACEK: im not worry i dont need to wack up ;) beside u wont have big problem u stop working there in 2 months :P
EVACEK --- 21:28:19 8.3.2011
OLIVE: don´t worry:) ok, so i am coming, and if it will be longer, than i will have a problem :) but you promised that it won´t be!
OLIVE --- 20:55:50 8.3.2011
ha and dont forget the dress code!!!
OLIVE --- 20:54:42 8.3.2011
DEREK_CUSTER: its gonna be on thursday couse it wont be all night party with impossible to do in the weekend the ppl just do leave ;) so it will start early around 20 and will finish around 2 so the workers can also come :)
EVACEK --- 15:45:58 4.3.2011
23NAUTILUS: two months to start :)
DEREK_CUSTER --- 20:26:34 3.3.2011
jooo to taky nechapu proc ctvrtek!?!? >:/
23NAUTILUS --- 18:51:52 3.3.2011
stop working! :/ start party!! :))
EVACEK --- 13:37:29 3.3.2011
why on thursday? :/ you should count with the working people as well :)