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Dwaid (Mystical Waves, Slovakia)

Ondrej Psyla (Mystical Waves)

Gondar (Trancedelic)


He has started playing in around 2004, and since 2001 he organizes parties. At that time he was as a founding member of Trancedelic Family, which organized a series of events featuring, among others: Alizard, Akindo, Edoardo, Horizon, Kajola, PsyBaba, Psycozaika, Tul, Virtuart, and Quantum State. Since 2004 he is a founding member of Mystical Waves Crew. His sets range from 130 bpm (Progressive trance) over 145 bpm (morning melodic full on trance) of 148 bpm (Night Full on Trance). Since 2004, he plays in the chillout with flutist Andy Warhol. In their recent performances you will hear mainly psychill and ambient. The chill out set prefer more time to play for a better mood:) Psyla has played his sets on many major Czech and Slovak parties (Walpurgis Night, Taranis, Hill-Top Festival, Mystika, Bios, Mystical Ritual, Spring Adventure, Chvatimech, Soundfeer, MMM, Kacabaja). His sets can be heard regularly in Prague Cross Club at BioCross and Cross Transfer parties. In Slovakia, it was primarily Club Cafe Bar Chill out Trance club in Brezno. In 2008 he joined Goblin Records, a publisher focusing on the dark offshoot of psychedelic trance. Currently he works on the fifth continuation of Mystical Ritual Festival and the first official compilation for the label Mystical Waves Records. I have my radio show on the internet radio /www.radiogem.cz/.


I started to compose in 1996 (beginning with soundtracker with blazing 4 channels to use, then scream tracker, fast tracker,..;), then around 1999 I discovered goatrance/psytrance (and Cubase) and my heart music was found;] I started to play and organise parties in 2000. I played with my liveact in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Netherlands, Russia, Austria, Bulgaria with. I enjoy this "hobby", because it gaves me oppurtinity to travel, meet new people and surf on this mind twisting music ;] Beyond my liveact I play neo-goatrance, dark psytrance, morning-psytrance, psychedelic chillout. for booking info contact me here: stepankotouc@gmail.com Parties where i'm playing or organising them (Trancedelic Family).





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PSYLA --- 19:28:40 12.2.2011
rachetik stale nemocny takze zacnu ja od devate
PSYLA --- 11:45:10 6.2.2011
20:00 Rachetik
21:00 Ondrej Psyla
00:00 Gondar
01:30 Dwaid