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House and dnb party in legendary Chapeau Rouge!

We are pleased to announce our first "meets" party that combines two different worlds of music which will occupy both the dance and underground floor at the magical Chapeau Rouge Prague. Session "meets" Rave & Riot is a collision of house & drum 'n bass music with an underground vibe!

Deep/Tech House stage:

Julien Sandre:

If we talk about Julien Sandre, we can’t fail to mention the legendary “French Touch” rooted in his “artistic soul”.

Frankie Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson, the MAW, Todd Terry and Paul Johnson are just some of the influences that encouraged Julien to buy record players and vinyl and enter the world of DJ’ing.

His natural evolution has lead him to explore the more electronic and hypnotic styles of Ricardo Villalobos, Ivan Smagghe and Parisien scene leaded by Dan Ghenacia.

His first track "Satisfaction" is published on one of the world's coolest underground labels, "Dynamic" of a certain Mladen Solomun, obtains full approval and is played by the greatest djs of the international panorama; it also reaches the top 10 on Beatport and the top 50 on Resident Advisor.


Pat Heart:

Pat is a great talent when we talk about the underground house scene, he never fails to connect on what his music is truly about and it is easily recognized from his sets. He is a resident at several clubs in Prague and quickly rising in popularity within CZ and internationally.


Let's not forget our DJ's from ZSS Crew which will be setting the mood for the party, Untitled Track will grace the dance floor with the underground beats of classic Chicago house and will bring out the groove factor to all in attendance. Pinu brings the sound of the dark bassy house from his hometown of Romania and it will surely play with your mind and soul. Denzik sets a mix that covers an aspect of a story with deep and techy sounds ensuring a proper feel of the party.

Drum n' Bass stage:

For the fifth time you can enjoy the underground stage with the drum ‘n bass “quick hands” spinning on 3 turntables predominantly hard style with mainstream interlacing and who is also a new member of the North Bohemian Basstrike Crew, some of you might have guessed that we are talking about VirCZ. As guests, we have invited members of the Basstrike crew, TABY who is the founder of Basstrike crew and BAZZI which among others belongs to the producing party “Frogs on Acid”. Our supporting DJ’s will be Sn3hura b2b with Binja.
The only thing left is for you to arrive and again shake the walls with us properly at the famous Chapeau Rouge. See you all there!


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