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MRUCH --- 0:34:09 19.12.2003
QUANTI --- 22:48:38 18.12.2003
(muj puvodni mail:
-----Original Message-----
From: gggg@tiscali.cz [mailto:gggg@tiscali.cz]
Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2003 11:16 PM
To: A Tiscali Company - Info
Subject: pravopis ve webmailovem rozhrani

Dobry den,

omlouvam se, jestli obtezuji, jen mi pripada, ze napsat primo na hlavni
stranku mailu "Máte zaplňeno 7 procent schránky" neni takoveho portalu dustojne

Xxx Yyy

Dobry den,

za free ucet, ale spolecnosti Tiscali zadny poplatek neplatite.

S pozdravem a p?áním p?kného dne

Tereza Schwarzová
Call Center Operator
TISCALI Telekomunikace ?eská republika s.r.o.

Susilova 1337
501 13 Hradec Králové
tel.: +420 2 26 026 758
fax: +420 2 26 026 169
JAEGER --- 8:01:44 18.12.2003
Uz zase...



I am interested in your partnership in business. This business proposal I wish to introduce you with is of mutual benefit and entirely based on mutual trust, cooperation and a high level of confidentiality as regard this transaction.

I am representing the board of the contract award and monitoring committee of the Zambian Ministry of Mining and Resources. I am seeking your assistance to enable me transfer the sum of US$130,500,000.00 (One Hundred and Thirty Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) into your private/company account.

The fund came about as a result of a contract awarded and executed and on behalf of my Ministry. The contract was supposed to be awarded to two foreign contractors to the tune of US$380,000,000.00 (Two hundred and Eighty Million United States Dollars).

But in the course of negotiation, the contract was awarded to a Bulgarian contractor at the cost of US$249,500,000.00 (Two hundred and Forty-nine Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) to my benefit unknown to the contractor.

This contract has been satisfactorily executed and inspected as the Bulgarian firm is presently securing payment from my Ministry, where our Board is in-charge of all foreign contract payment approval.

As a civil servant still in active government service, I am forbidden by law to operate an account outside the shores of Zambia. Hence this message to you seeking your assistance so as to enable me present your account details as a beneficiary of contractual claims alongside that of the Bulgarian contractor, to enable me transfer the difference of US$130,500,000.00 (One Hundred and Thirty Million, Five Hundred Thousand United

States Dollars) into your provided account. On actualization, the fund will be disbursed as stated below. 20% of the fund will be for you as beneficiary 80% of the fund will be for Us. All logistics are in place and all modalities worked out for a smooth actualization of the transaction within the next few working days of commencement. For further details as to the work ability of this transaction, please reach me as soon as possible for further clarification contact me on my email address below:

Thank you and God bless as I await your urgent response.
Yours Sincerely,
Mr.Robert Larry
??? --- 13:51:19 17.12.2003
DEIKSAC: tak ho dej mě :)
DEIKSAC --- 11:50:11 17.12.2003
:) ho asi dam tatkovi na zednicinu
STEVEN --- 10:20:02 17.12.2003
tak xxl uz je na mne mooc velky, to prenecham rodine Ruzickovic nebo jinemu zajemci :)
DEIKSAC --- 21:54:58 16.12.2003
snad dokonce xxl
STEVEN --- 21:32:47 16.12.2003
DEIKSAC: jestli je to triko L nebo XL, tak beru! :)
DEIKSAC --- 21:09:55 16.12.2003
skid - prave, tak trochu kamos ale ne zas az tak velkej :)

tak co super triko oracle-ornela nikdo nechce?
STEVEN --- 16:11:12 16.12.2003
linux je velke zlo, z nej chodi vsechny ty viry... ;-)